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Koala Insulation Awards Four Franchise Territories in Austin, TX!

This husband and wife duo moved to Texas to make their American Dream come true. Their IFPG Consultant guided them towards Koala Insulation, and the rest was history. 

"I couldn't be more excited for my client & his wife! They had some very natural concerns about investing in a franchise business, but the team over at Franchise Fastlane approached those concerns with respect, patience, and honesty. What more could one ask for? Derek & Bobby did a terrific job guiding my client through the discovery process, which is nothing new. They always do a tremendous job! I'm very happy to partner with Franchise Fastlane and look forward to helping many more clients together moving forward. Looking forward to seeing my client live the American dream of business ownership!" - IFPG Consultant

Recently named #14 on Entrepreneur’s fastest-growing brands globally, Koala Insulation's quest to be the household name in insulation continues with Four locations in S. Austin, TX. Based on selling savings to customers with an eco-friendly business model, Koala has quickly expanded its franchise operations now with 330 territories across the US.

They plan to use the construction, sales, management, and financial experience to build a successful and long-lasting home service franchise. Koala insulation looks to be a perfect match. The wife will take on the office management role by answering the phone, billing/collection, payroll, and ensuring our finances and bills are covered. The husband will assume sales/ops management in the early phases with the plan to hire a salesperson and an ops person. He will keep himself involved in both until he’s sure everyone is comfortable a capable of their roles and responsibilities. At this time, he will move into focusing on growth (cultivating relationships with local builders, HVAC companies, and realtors, as well as being able to fill any other gaps.

They saw that Koala truly cares for its franchisees and offers several support tools as free services that other models never even consider. Robust commercial sales support, talent acquisitions, and rave reviews from the free employee training are just a few examples of what sold them on Koala being the right fit!

Congratulations on a job well done!