Consultant News

Mosquito Shield is Buzzing in Southeast Houston, Texas!

This new franchisee has been an HVAC Technician for 12 years with an extensive background in all aspects of construction. He knows how to work at both ends of the spectrum as the “boots on the ground” but also as the supervisor which has helped to prepare him for not only owning but also running his own business/franchise. He is looking forward to the opportunity to run his own business and work with his wife, every day. She worked in construction for 10 years as a Project Manager and Finance Manager in both residential and commercial industries. They have 3 sons and are getting ready to welcome their 4th child, a daughter! She is looking forward to being able to work from home and spend time with their children while also being able to work alongside her husband.

He loved the simplicity, scalability, and low start-up cost of the MoShield model, but was most impressed with the corporate team and support model compared to other franchise concepts. It was clear Mosquito Shield was a leader in the industry!

“We already have commercial and residential customers. We can’t get started fast enough!” - MoShield New Franchisees

Congratulations on a great placement!