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Naturals2Go Brings Healthy Vending to Bentonville, AR

Naturals2Go Vending

Naturals2Go thought this IFPG Consultant was great to work with, stating that she was at the top of her game when it came to finding the right business for her clients. "She is great at matching them up with the perfect fit and providing great information to me as she hands them off. It's like I really know them!"

The IFPG Consultant Candidate and newest Naturals2Go operator is an HVAC guy. He also owns ATM machines and does restoration as well. The Candidate was awarded four machines in Bentonville, AR, with plans of growing to 20+.

This Candidate wants to create more financial breathing room and help supplement an early retirement. He is very entrepreneurial-minded, and he understands that in today's world if you want to get ahead, you have to have multiple streams of income. He has big goals and plans for his life, and this will fit in with those and help him accomplish them perfectly.

The Naturals2Go MVP program provides a comprehensive "Turn Key" solution for offering healthy snacks and beverages through cutting-edge automated retail technology, commonly referred to as vending. Their mission centers around helping entrepreneurs achieve their dream of owning and operating their own businesses while contributing to a healthier world, one vending machine at a time.