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Set The Stage Franchise Awards Two Territories in Lexington, KY

Set The Stage Franchise

These Candidates are the newest additions to the Set The Stage family and were introduced by an IFPG Consultant. They have both spent the majority of their career in sales but became tired of the corporate world and were looking for a business in which they could invest their time & energy to build equity for themselves.

This pair of Candidates are deeply plugged into their local real estate industry and were looking for a way to leverage their real estate connections into a business of their own. With the shifting dynamics of the local real estate market, they saw the need for home staging along with the opportunity to turn staging jobs into furnishing sales revenue. The Candidates were awarded two territories in Lexington, KY.

Set the Stage is the leader in the Home Staging and Furnishing sales industry. This is a recession-resistant business with multiple revenue streams and a proven business model for quick scalability. Many of their franchise owners have started booking jobs their very first week in business!

STS is the only Home Staging franchise that also combines Furnishing Sales into a single business model. Since 2016, they have operated with systems and processes that allow franchisees to scale quicker, generate more revenue faster, and create more freedom of time.