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Naturals2Go Franchise Awards Four More Machines in Clifton, NJ

Naturals2Go Vending Franchise

Naturals2Go thought the IFPG Consultant was great to work with and did a good job working with her Candidate.

The IFPG Consultant Candidate just retired from the NYC Transit Authority, where he was a supervisor managing hundreds of employees and project managed many large projects. He plans to run his business with help from his daughters. He also has hopes of adding 10-15 more machines within two years.

With the Candidate's background in working with people and his ability to run large projects, his skillsets will easily work in his favor to produce a great operator.

"The last 20 years as a supervisor overseeing hundreds of employees and various projects. The qualities I possess and have displayed in all my years are attention to detail, meticulous record keeping, and the ability to solve unexpected problems."

Naturals2Go sends a big "Congratulations to ALL" on a job well done!