P3 Cost Analysts Closes a Deal in South Carolina!

P3 Cost Analysts newest franchisee in Simpsonville, SC is a military veteran and retired fireman who has finally decided to realize his lifelong dream of business ownership.  He decided it was time to begin building a business that would diversify his portfolio and build a business that could become an asset that will build significant recurring revenue. As a service business, it has comparatively low overhead and very high net margins.  More importantly, it gives its franchisees the ability to build a business with dependable, recurring revenue with little to no employees.

He was immediately attracted to the repeat-revenue model and the relative lack of competition in the cost reduction marketplace.  He was particularly excited about getting in on the ground floor of a fast-growing, up-and-coming franchise system like P3, while, at the same time, being backed by over 45 years of cost reduction experience and over 40 years of franchising experience.

P3 Cost Analysts is a home-based, B2B franchise model.  Our franchisees offer businesses the opportunity to save significantly on their Utility, Waste and Telecom bills.  Our franchisees charge nothing upfront to find these savings and work on a contingency basis, sharing in the savings found for up to 5 years.  The P3 franchisee “day – to – day” is almost exclusively sales, business development and account management.  P3 maintains an in-house team of auditors and collectors that perform all of the operational fulfillment for the franchisees, allowing our franchisees to focus their energy and efforts on scaling their business.

Congratulations on a job well done!


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