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Sir Grout Franchise Awards US Marine Veteran Territory in Nipomo, CA

Sir Grout Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidate is a Marine Veteran who had previously started his own construction business and wanted to diversify his portfolio. He was looking for an opportunity with proven systems and processes, so he didn't have to start from scratch like he did before. He felt that Sir Grout was the perfect addition and was happy to go into business with his wife and brother. His brother is a Veteran of the US Air Force.

The IFPG Consultant Candidate is a good fit for Sir Grout because he has already proven himself to be a successful business owner with his construction company. His brother also has a background in business. Their shared experience in the US Military also made them a great fit to lead, manage, and grow their new Sir Grout franchise.

The Candidates were looking for an opportunity with proven systems and processes and a business that would complement their construction business. Everyone on the Sir Grout team, from corporate to the franchisee calls, was committed to a new franchisee's growth and development.

Sir Grout's home-based, multiple revenue stream business model gives franchisees huge earning potential while maintaining work-life flexibility in the exciting industry of home improvement and, specifically, hard surface restoration.