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Squeeze Franchise in San Francisco Welcomes New Franchisees

Squeeze Franchise

From the start, the new operating partners were a great fit for Squeeze in the San Francisco, CA market. They were excellent at following the education process and communicating expectations and needs. Both with strong operational backgrounds and aligning passions for health and wellness, it looks to be a recipe for success.

The Candidates wanted an opportunity that made fiscal sense but also something that was a reflection of who they were. The pair wanted to be an influence in their community. They both have a passion for health and wellness, as well as experience in marketing and engineering.

Squeeze was created from the desire to offer customers a better massage experience. Squeeze offers a revolutionary app-based booking and payment platform that simplifies the process, making scheduling, paying, tipping, and rating easy, peasy, Squeezy. Squeeze is focused on partnering with culture-first, experience-driven franchisees who will dedicate their efforts to helping build The Feel Good Revolution.