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Strickland Brothers Ventures into New Mexico with a 4-pack!

Strickland Brothers Franchsie

The IFPG Consultant Candidates will be joining Strickland Brothers in Albuquerque. They are entrepreneurs from the start, having been self-employed for over 25 years. One of them was raised on a ranch, owned and operated a heavy equipment construction company, managed an oil field environmental company, and also contracted to Richie Bros auctions, inspecting industrial equipment.

The other has been right alongside for over 25+ years, handling the books and operations behind the scenes. Together, they make a great team and fit perfectly with the Strickland Brothers family.

Franchise FastLane is thrilled to be representing Strickland Brothers. The brand is gaining traction with no plans of slowing down! Franchisees are excited about the opportunities Strickland Brothers provides, including their simple and streamlined business model, developer program, which includes an amazing opportunity for new build and acquisitions, an inclusive inventory model, full-service marketing, and so much more!

Strickland Brothers is packed with support, resources, and prime territories that are still available! Franchise FastLane would love the opportunity to present Strickland Brothers to more candidates and answer any questions about this amazing brand as it blankets the United States. They extend their gratitude for referrals and for being such a significant part of their success.