Consultant News

The 4Ever Young Franchise Adds to Its Existing Presence in Arizona!

This outstanding candidate was referred to 4Ever Young Anti-Aging by an IFPG Consultant. She is a Physician’s Assistant who was looking to make a little bit more of a transition into aesthetics work as a full-time job and through her exploration of 4Ever Young, found the value in the support provided by the franchise. She is moving forward with a single license in the greater Glendale market to add to our existing presence in Arizona. "We are as excited to bring her into the family as she is to join us!"

Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions continues to pace the anti-aging market in its franchise expansion through Q1 of 2022. The global anti-aging market has grown at a compound adjusted growth rate of 7-8% over the last decade and that growth is expected to continue through 2031. This has resulted in system growth of nearly 1000% YOY from 2020- 2021 and even more continued growth in 2022. Not only has 4Ever Young grown externally but growth continues from inside as well with existing franchisees all looking to expand their presence with the purchase of additional licenses early in 2022. This past quarter also marked the openings of our third corporate-owned location in Parkland, FL, and the openings of locations in San Antonio, TX, and Ridgewood, NJ with a number of clinics all sent to open in Q2 in markets like Dallas, Phoenix, Doral, Miami, Atlanta, Fort Collins, Flower Mound and more. The 4Ever Young team would also like to extend a sincere thanks for your trust in our brand resulting in record territory checks and referred leads in March of 2022 – without your belief in our brand, none of this would be possible and we look forward to continuing to make our services available in every major market in America.

Congratulations on a great placement!