Consultant News

The All Dry Franchise Brings Two Territories To Dallas, Texas!

All Dry is excited to bring TWO NEW TERRITORIES to the Dallas, Texas market! Thanks again, and congratulations to the IFPG Consultant.

This new franchisee has been a Quality Control professional for 25 years (11 of which were in leadership) working in healthcare consumer product manufacturing ranging from medical devices to over-the-counter medications. He’s worked for and with several corporate structures and organizations such as Cardinal Health, Reckitt Benckiser, Mary Kay, and L’Oréal and has a background in Biochemistry. Presently, he is the Director of Quality for a medical device contract manufacturing company and has found he excels in
building high-performance teams and rebuilding processes for organizations that have compliance issues and disorganized teams.

His wife has been working as a Bookkeeper for 10 years and has found herself at a place of wanting to put hard work into an endeavor that drives results. The couple has shared that they want to build something for themselves and that out of the many brands they’ve researched over the last two years, this is the only one that has felt like joining a strong system but also a family. Ultimately, the couple has been in search of a brand that allows for giveback and offers positivity to the community.

They could not have been more excited to experience All Dry’s Confirmation Day in Jupiter, FL. The couple quickly saw a big opportunity with All Dry and were extremely impressed with the brand’s inner workings and training to drive insurance leads, as well as the brand’s strength training plan to successfully launch franchises.

All Dry is uniquely positioned in the booming restoration space with a first-mover advantage. Since March, the number of franchisees and territories has QUADRUPLED and shows no signs of slowing down, now with 75+ territories awarded and 20+ franchisees. We’re hopeful that you, too, will be joining the All Dry franchise family.

Congratulations on a job well done!