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The Code Wiz Franchise Was the Perfect Fit for This IFPG Consultant’s Candidate!

Code Wiz's newest franchisee researched many franchises and at first, was going to buy into a discount tire franchise to fund her STEM outreach. But to her great surprise, her IFPG Consultant offered a kids coding franchise option. She did research and was not totally sold and decided to ask if there were other coding franchises. The next day, I had my first email from her. There was something different about Code Wiz. In her words, "I have come to call that difference, relationship!"t is not just about a business but building a relationship with franchisees. She now had the missing piece to her puzzle. 

Most of her professional career has been in the Oil & Gas Industry, in various positions but mostly in IT and Training. During this time, she did school outreach to get kids interested in STEM. She was so desperate to get kids excited about a STEM career path that at the end of 2021, she became an FAA Part 107 certified drone pilot. She was sitting around trying to figure out how she was going to use her passion for kids' STEM/STEAM outreach, her new drone certification and at the same time make a living at it. This past January, she became part of the "Great Resignation" to dedicate her full time to make a difference. On the same day she resigned, she reached out to a friend who is an IFPG Franchise Consultant, The rest, as they say, is history.

“It is not just about a business but building a relationship with franchisees. That thing that gets me most excited, that thing that sparks the most joy, is giving kids a piece of their path to the future, fun space to define that path, and the opportunity to create generational wealth while making a difference.” Ruth Agbaji

Code Wiz is a semi-absentee model in a hot space and backed by years of experience through their partnership with Tutor Doctor! The need for STEM education is only going to keep growing! For the right candidate, they offer multi-unit territories.

Congratulations on a great placement!