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The Dog Wizard Franchise Brings Dog Training to Dallas, Texas!

The Dog Wizard Franchise.

This IFPG Consultant Candidate is a stellar woman with a 13-year track record as an SVP of Operations in Healthcare. She's looking to make a change and have more time with her family, and the Dog Wizard was a perfect fit! She is excited to be awarded territory in Dallas, Texas!

She immediately fell in love with The Dog Wizard's robust operations, support, training, and flexibility, which she could run full-time or semi-absentee. The Candidate said Discovery Day sealed the deal because the people and leadership behind this brand are simply extraordinary.

This Candidate has the knowledge for business from a sales and operational perspective and the heart to run a company that serves their community! "I love the concept - I've always been a huge dog lover, and I was immediately drawn to the idea of spending my time promoting happier lives to families and their well-behaved dogs." - IFPG Consultant Candidate.

The Dog Wizard™ is a mobile dog training franchise designed to give franchisees a rewarding opportunity while doing something they love in a booming industry. Their business model is simple: As a franchise owner, you will have a team of trainers whose primary goal is to make dogs and their owners better companions. The demand for this – and the gift of strengthening those relationships – continues to be in extremely high demand, which allows you to enter your market and capture a leading share.