Consultant News

Oxi Fresh Franchise Awards Territory in El Paso, TX

This IFPG Consultant Candidate is a bright young man who was looking to expand his income stream as he is already an entrepreneur in El Paso, Texas.

"The IFPG Consultant's attention to detail with the Candidate made my job as the developer extremely easy, and he was very knowledgeable about our client."  

They had a great Discovery Day in Denver, followed by the candidate signing and funding. He is now off to the races and onboarding with the Oxi Fresh coaching team. The consultant identified the Candidate's needs and understood the time commitments that he already had. As a result, the IFPG Consultant was able to identify Oxi Fresh as a company that could fit nicely into his portfolio of income streams, as Oxi Fresh has an excellent semi-absentee option for franchisees.

The Candidate chose Oxi Fresh because of their flexibility in ownership styles and the local marketing advantages. He also noted that Oxi Fresh's scheduling center was a huge bonus.

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