Consultant News

The HomeVestors of America Franchise Is Coming To Charlottesville, VA!

HomeVestors of America recently awarded Franchises in Charlottesville, VA with the help of an IFPG Consultant!

At HomeVestors®, their philosophy is that helping people is helping a community. HomeVestors not only help people during tough times but also improve the neighborhoods they do business in.

Investors gain access to the training, support, and capital they need to help men and women in their markets find solutions to the difficult life situations that are impacting their ability to maintain their homes. By investing in an ugly house, a HomeVestors® Franchisee:

  • Helps community members in distress.
  • Increases the values of homes, which in turn increases neighboring property values.
  • Fix neighborhood eyesores, making the community a more attractive place to live.
  • Demonstrates the possibility of selling an ugly home to other community members interested in improving neighborhoods.
  • Brings new families, and new investment, to neighborhoods.

Congratulations on a job well done!