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The Koala Insulation Franchise Adds 4 Territories in Nebraska!

Koala Insulation adds another state to their list of locations with 4 territories in Omaha and Lincoln, NE!

An IFPG Consultants candidates, both are financial advisors. They are always preaching savings, so Koala's model of selling homeowner's and business's savings through proper insulation was the perfect fit.
As advisors, they are always looking for non-traditional investments and were well aware that the Omaha home market was booming and expanding. As such, the need for insulation was more than ever for both new and existing homes. They were blown away by Koala's infrastructure for being relatively young but loved that already 150+ territories had opened in the last 12 months.

"Derek and Bobby are hands down some of the best in Franchise Development. They know how to educate candidates without pressure and help me be better at consultation with great communication. Koala is a rocketship and having met the founder, Scott Marr, I always present Koala to any candidate looking at a home-service franchise as I know they'll be blown away by both the FranDev team as well as the Zor." - IFPG Consultant

Koala continues to impress now with over 250+ territories awarded and set to exceed 300 later this year. First-time, as well as existing franchise owners, have flocked to this unique disruptor in the fragmented insulation industry. Recently named a top franchise investment, Koala shows no signs of slowing down soon!

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!