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The Maid Brigade Franchise “Cleans Up” In Florida!

Maid Brigade’s newest franchisees were looking to relocate to the United States from Argentina to pursue the American Dream. Both were looking for a service-based business where they could make an impact on their community and were introduced to Maid Brigade by their IFPG Consultant.

She has a degree in Radio and Television production and was working as a manager of a medical practice in Argentina. She previously lived in Los Angeles for three years. Her husband had worked in sales most of his career and owned a company that manufactures and wholesales lingerie to department stores in Argentina. They were looking to relocate to Florida to raise their two young children in a market they could call home, with a business they would be proud of.

They enjoyed strong validation calls with happy franchisees, the longevity of the company, the fact Maid Brigade continues to be an innovator in the industry, and most importantly their unique PUREcleaning solutions that disinfect homes and businesses and are approved by the CDC!

We loved Maid Brigade because it was a company that had the unique PUREclean system that would allow us to drive growth both on the residential and commercial sides of the business. The unique disinfection solutions, the longevity of the company, and attention to detail throughout the franchise exploration process were fantastic. We can see we will have support from Maid Brigade for the life of the business.”- New Franchisees

Maid Brigade is a trusted brand that never stops innovating. Being ahead of the industry in utilizing electrolyzed water and disinfection solutions for homes and offices have allowed their franchisees to grow both the residential and commercial sides of their business. A 35-year track record of impacting communities and strong validation makes our brand very appealing to both IFPG Consultants and prospects. 

We know Maid Brigade will be a great fit for them both. They are excited about the future.  I can’t thank the IFPG Consultant enough for the introduction and his continuous communication.” - Joel Lazarovitz

Congratulations on a job well done!