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The New HealthSource Franchisees are Awarded Territory in Canton, GA

HealthSource Franchise

The new HealthSource Franchisees were introduced to HealthSource by an IFPG consultant. After a long career in HR and having first-hand experience of the life-changing benefits of chiropractic, one of the IFPG candidates was looking for a business that would allow him to transition out of the corporate world while also having a meaningful impact on his community. He was thrilled to find that combination in HealthSource. The HealthSource team is extremely excited to welcome the Candidates to the family as they look to open their first location in Canton, Georgia!

HealthSource, America's Chiropractor® stands for, first and foremost, outstanding results—results for patients as well as franchise owners. They have seven distinct revenue streams that drive their amazing patient results while also helping to increase potential income for your clinic. HealthSource is exposing more and more people to a model of chiropractic care that delivers outstanding results in a modern paradigm of patient care in a fun and caring environment. Patients receive incredible results, and your franchise receives the exceptional support it deserves. It's a win-win situation done the right way—the HealthSource way!

HealthSource, America's Chiropractor®, is the only franchise brand that operates in seven multi-billion dollar industries, offering patients a range of health services under one roof. At HealthSource, they offer more than just chiropractic adjustments. They have seven primary services that are aimed at meeting the unique health needs of all of our patients. These seven service categories create distinct revenue streams. HealthSource model efficiently and profitably offers Chiropractic care and adjustments, progressive rehab/active functional corrective rehab and supportive services, spinal decompression (next generation), high-powered photobiomodulation, a Wellness Club that creates lifetime patients, and HealthSource's brand of top-shelf nutrition and products.

The HealthSource team makes sure patients get the personalized treatment plan they need so they can do what they love. The chiropractic industry has doubled in size over the last five years and is now an over $14 billion dollar profession. Today, Americans spend over $50B a year just on back pain! HealthSource is now the largest chiropractic and rehab-based franchise in the world, and it's HealthSource's great doctors, their teams, and the first-class corporate team that has made this growth possible.