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The Press Waffle Franchise Expands To Colorado!

An IFPG Consultant's candidates are residents of Castle Rock, CO, and wanted to find a business to open in their fast-growing town outside of Denver. This couple wanted a business that could also involve their teen-aged children and really make it a family affair. They knew they wanted something that could enhance their town with an experience where families could enjoy themselves.

The IFPG consultant shared a variety of franchises, but the one that captured their immediate attention was Press Waffle Company. They saw the company website, the offerings, the background of the owners, and the notoriety of their time on Shark Tank and decided it would make a good fit in their community. As an emerging brand, Press Waffle Company was expanding beyond their Texas base with authentic sweet and savory waffle recipes that are unique and get attention. And, who doesn't like waffles?! The clients committed to Press Waffle Company quickly and closed in 45 days.

A one-of-a-kind concept, Press Waffle Co. meets the demand for unique, customizable, indulgent offerings that customers crave. With equal traction in both the breakfast and dessert categories, Press Waffle Co. offers a concept with true all-day and all-demographic appeal.

Congratulations to ALL on a job well done!