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The Tox Franchise Continues to Expand in the Sunshine State!

The Tox Franchise

The Tox team is so excited to announce two new Tox owners. They couldn't be happier having this hardworking couple be part of the Tox family in the Tampa/Sarasota, FL market.

The IFPG Consultant Candidates are experienced professionals with over 22 years of combined experience in sales and marketing strategies. He uses a servant leadership style to drive strategic marketing efforts and create growth-focused brand strategies that align with the broader multi-year strategic plans for national brands, primarily in the higher education industry. She is a senior marketing executive with over ten years of experience, specializing in the healthcare industry. She uses an authentic leadership style to drive effective marketing efforts and develop healthcare marketing strategies that align with the broader multi-year strategic plans for healthcare brands.

Their commitment to authenticity and community engagement is bound to shake things up in Tampa and Sarasota. Get ready for a whole new level of wellness revolution with this couple leading the charge, spreading the word on lymphatic and digestive health while transforming lives along the way!

The Tox is a personal wellness service that focuses on lymphatic and digestive body sculpting. The Tox Technique is a unique blend of bodywork that heals your body from the inside out. The Tox delivers quantifiable, proven treatments that can help with water retention, remove excess toxins, manage bloating, and sculpt the body, all in an upscale spa environment designed for client comfort.