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Wisconsin is Home to the Newest MaxStrength Fitness Franchise

MaxStrenght Fitness Franchise

The IFPG Consultant Candidate spent 18 years with GE Healthcare in various roles with increasing responsibility, including operations/lean, order fulfillment, global forecasting, global product management, and M&A. In addition, he has spent ~3 years as an engineering consultant helping clients understand and improve their operations/processes.

After over 20 years in corporate America, with frequent global travel and little time for self-care, the Candidate was ready for a change. After leaving his job, he focused on his health, finding a passion for fitness and nutrition. The Candidate wanted to find an opportunity that directly helped clients and team members become better versions of themselves. MaxStrength Fitness was a great fit, and the Candidate was awarded territory in Brookfield, Greenfield, and Delafield, WI.

MaxStrength Fitness is a 1-1 personal training company that is designed for the active-ager. The program is efficient, effective, and safe. Clients come in by appointment only, and sessions are 20 minutes twice a week, results-driven, and in an environment designed to optimize their experience. Since 2007, the company has been on a mission to make people stronger, healthier, and happier, focusing on those 45 and up – from the busy execs to the supermoms and retirees.