Consultant News

Zoom Drain Franchise is Ready to Launch in Boise, Idaho!


The IFPG Consultant Candidate is a very experienced sales and account manager, working for several large food companies across the Western US. He and his family moved to Boise, Idaho, about five years ago, taking a new position and settling down in a new home.

As he continued working remotely during COVID, he realized that he wanted more time and freedom in his professional life. He knew he was very good at sales, team leadership, and building positive working teams.

He began working with an IFPG Consultant and was introduced to Zoom Drain. Through a long and intentional due diligence process, he committed to traveling out to Zoom Drain HQ and was BLOWN AWAY by the culture, team, and depth of support and training this emerging brand had already built! He traveled back to Boise, ID, and was awarded the Boise, Idaho market to begin building a business he not only could make profitable but also would allow him to build in family time and freedom in his life!

For 25+ years, Zoom Drain has optimized customer service by providing expert drain services with the mantra of "Fast, Focused, and Fixed." Zoom Drain delivers an essential, recession-proof emergency service with minimal competition and no seasonality. Zoom Drain's top priority is providing the best support systems and resources for our franchisees.