Karol Mercurio

Karol Mercurio

Karol Mercurio has spent more than 23 years as a Franchise Consultant and over 30 years in franchising. She holds the distinction of being IFPG’s very first franchise consultant and one of the first female Consultants throughout all of franchising.

Karol started her career in franchising at Nutrisystem. During her 12 years with the company, she was responsible for developing and delivering training programs to new franchisees. Later, Karol worked for Great Clips as their Franchise Development Manager for the Mid-Atlantic region.

She has placed countless people in their own businesses and has been a role model for women in franchising. Karol’s wealth of experience and wisdom has been priceless to IFPG and all of its members.

Karol’s Insights on IFPG

As a Franchise Consultant for 23 years, a member of IFPG for 10 years, and a member of the IFPG Ethics Committee, I believe IFPG holds its Consultants accountable to a higher standard compared to other consulting organizations. Our Consultants receive high-level training and certification programs to enhance their skills and knowledge. They are trained to be a consultant/guide through the due diligence process to ensure candidates are making a decision that benefits them and their families.

I take great pride in placing my candidate first with the goal of finding a franchise that meets their skills, interests, priorities, budget, and income expectations. I am very selective with the brands I present. They must be companies my candidates can embrace, with a business model that meets their criteria. I never look at the commission when selecting brands. For me, if I don’t make the right match, I am not going to be paid for my services. The candidate always comes first.