Consultant News

An IFPG Consultant Brings Costa Oil Franchise a Perfect Candidate in Austin, TX


The IFPG Consultant Candidate has key skills that align with what Costa Oil is looking for in a Franchise Owner, such as; servant-leader, accountability, transparency, process-driven, and people management. He also has previous work experience in the auto lube industry and loves being around cars.

This candidate was looking to build generational wealth and saw Costa Oil as the perfect opportunity to start that. He currently works in the IT market in Austin, TX but, has previous experience in the Auto Quick Lube industry.

Costa Oil is a hassle-free, 10-minute oil change service. They are built on efficiency and superior customer service because they believe the quick lube industry has been ahead of its time in terms of selling back the consumer their time. 

Want to know what is fueling the growth of Costa Oil? It's simple - they focus on speed & quality, which doesn't just cover the Customer receiving the oil change, but the Franchise Owner as well! Franchise Owners reap the benefits of speed & quality from the start with Costa Oil. From the pre-opening phases through construction and the grand opening, the Costa Oil Team creates a streamlined, thorough, and supportive environment leading to great success for their Franchise Owners.