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DonutNV Adds a SWEET New Franchisee in Erie, PA!

DonutNV Franchise

DonutNV is so excited to be growing in the Erie, PA market with IFPG Consultant Candidates. The Candidates (husband and wife for 21 years) were looking to supplement their income and build a business that they could grow within their family and have something to pass down to their two boys. The couple both have long-term primary sources of employment. She has been a Real Estate/corporate law Paralegal for 20 years and has been with the same firm for 17 years. He has been a senior relationship manager/commercial lender for the last 18 years.

They had been looking for the last several years for the right opportunity to supplement their income while finding a business that they could own/operate together and build around and with their family. Thus giving their two sons something to help them grow and develop as well as a way to assist each of them in paying for college.

They found Donut NV as a way to do just that: a franchise that allows them to build this business on their own time around their current responsibilities and still have success in doing so. The unique nature of this business and industry is what was so exciting and attractive to them.

They are extremely excited and confident in the DonutNV model and cannot wait to scale their business within the Erie, PA, market.

DonutNV's business model offers minimal employees, little/no waste, a fully interactive turnkey mobile donut shop, marketing support, technology tools for booking events, and full support on licensing and permitting. This brand also provides flexibility on where to operate and when to operate.