Consultant News

Fundraising University Franchise Awards a Franchise Territory in Knoxville, TN


This IFPG Consultant Candidate came from a lengthy background in corporate America as a regional sales manager in Knoxville, TN. He was also the president of a travel baseball organization. He felt it was time to do something for himself and his family.

His sales background was a plus, and he loves being around various sports. He was already affiliated with an organization that needed Fundraising Universities services, but more than that, he saw an opportunity to help many other athletic programs while earning a great income. 

"From start to finish, this discovery process was comprehensive and complete. I got my questions answered in most cases without even asking them." -IFPG Consultant Candidate.

Founded in 2009, Fundraising University is the leader in school sports fundraising, having raised over $45M across 8,000+ schools. Their success stems from a positive community impact, low start-up and overhead costs, proven documented systems, strong leadership, exceptional training, and exceptional unit-level economics.