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IFPG Consultant Brings Enviro-Master the Perfect Candidate to Cincinnati, OH


This IFPG Consultant Candidate came to Enviro-Master Franchise with an open mind. He was relatively flexible in his industry pursuit but seeking a scalable franchise model with minimal competition. Once he learned about the resale numbers, the Enviro-Master target markets, and the recurring service model - he was very excited to move forward. The Candidate was awarded territory in Cincinnati, OH.

The Candidate has 21 years of sales experience. He has managed and led a b2b sales team and has even consulted for Cintas / EcoLab (who have a somewhat similar sales process & target markets). He wanted to make more money; after validating with franchise owners and coming to Discovery Day, he knew the income potential was exponential.

Enviro-Master Services is the leading commercial restroom hygiene company in North America. Started in 1983 as Swisher Hygiene, Enviro-Master is one of the only franchises in North America that exhibits 7 Essential Business Fundamentals:

1.Residual Income
2. Recession Resistant
3. Huge Customer Base
4. Not Capital Intensive
5. Minimal Competition
6. Will Never be Replaced by Technology
7. Scalable / Unlimited Growth Potential

These were the reasons Pat Swisher started Swisher Hygiene in 1983 and then reentered the business in 2009 as Enviro-Master Services (after having sold Swisher Hygiene in 2004).