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IFPG Consultant Candidate has a Bright Future with beem Light Sauna in PA

beem Light Sauna Franchise

The new franchisees and IFPG Consultant candidates owned a running shoe company for 30+ years that has since been passed on to their children. They were looking for just the right business to get back in the game and to build in their community. Truly, they were interested in a new business that would utilize their current skill set but would be a fun, new opportunity, and beem Light Sauna was just the right fit. Their past business experience and their passion for health & wellness made this new Franchisee a perfect fit for the beem Light Sauna concept.

"The overall services offered, combined with the technology and corporate support, really stood out, partnered with the ability to scale in this emerging industry, made it a brand too good to pass up." - IFPG Consultant Candidate.

beem Light Sauna is an innovative health and wellness franchise. Cutting-edge technology provides a full-spectrum light therapy experience that uses light to extend the benefits of saunas to complete cellular revitalization. beem Light Sauna has a wide array of services, including infrared light therapy, red light therapy, chromotherapy, apparel, and nutritional supplements, providing several revenue streams for owners.