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Mosquito Shield Franchise is Awarded Two Additional Territories in Charlotte, NC

Mosquito Shield is expanding its reach with two additional territories for an IFPG Consultant's Candidate in the Charlotte, NC market. Through its eco-friendly and state-of-the-art solution to mosquito issues nationwide.

Mosquito Shield has positioned itself to be the premier choice for homeowners who have invested in their outdoor living spaces.

The new franchisee is a mortgage executive with Spring EQ who has lived in Charlotte, NC for the last six years with his wife. His business partner lives in San Francisco, CA with his fiancé and two dogs, and works alongside him also as a mortgage executive. In their current roles, they focus on strategy, finance, capital markets, and technology, but they handle all aspects of the company from sales modeling, operations modeling, and execution to investors.

They believe the skills and qualities they have developed will help them to succeed at Mosquito Shield. In their roles at Spring EQ, they apply analytics across several departments of the business, and they plan to leverage that knowledge in managing their Mosquito Shield franchise. 

 The candidate was looking to find a business that would allow him to provide a vision and a plan while organizing a team to help build the business and continue to grow. His day job keeps him busy, so he was very attracted by the potential to run his Mosquito Shield franchise as a semi-absentee owner. He loved the business support elements Mosquito Shield offers franchisees and felt like this made the business very scalable - not to mention very viable in his local market of Charlotte.

What most interested his partner about Mosquito Shield was that from the customer's perspective it addresses an issue that impacts their ability to enjoy their own property for much of the year and does so in an easy and effective manner. He said he found Mosquito Shield to be attractive because it was a low start-up and, like his partner, he felt it provides extensive resources - especially regarding the sales and marketing support. Coming from a business that is highly cyclical, he is looking forward to having a franchise that can provide more reliable cash flow based on expected seasonality. They are both excited to continue to hit the ground running with Mosquito Shield!

Congratulations on a job well done!