Consultant News

The Koala Insulation Franchise Brings 2 New Territories to Southeast Houston!

An IFPG Consultant’s candidate, an oil and gas Regional Vice President traded is hardhat in for a Koala Insulation Franchise. 

He comes as a partner with extensive experience in P&L management and operations for half of the United States with his company, but he did stop there. He continued to climb the ranks acting as a Marketing and Development manager, launching 3 “boots on the ground” locations, contract management, and held a position as a Regional Vice President. After reviewing Koalas financial data, speaking with newly opened zees, and meeting the HQ team, he knew there was not a better fit for him than Koala Insulation. His wife was especially attracted to the fact that although Koala is a newer concept, it is led by a team with decades of experience creating, owning, and managing several franchise concepts.

They are the true definition of a power couple – setting their sights on goals and doing everything in their power to accomplish those goals and they are a tremendous addition to the Koala Insulation family.

“It is extremely efficient working with Franchise Fastlane. Patrick Sanchez and the team provide detailed notes and updates about the status of my candidates. Working together, we are able to help facilitate forward progress leading to deal closings.” - IFPG Consultant

Congratulations on a great placement!