The Post-Retirement Job (That Pays Well) Is Right Here

When transitioning into a post-retirement job, retirees need to consider key aspects of their career and lifestyle goals to find the best fit. There is always an importance placed on financial security, but what about gaining the flexibility to enjoy your time while starting a second career? There are many low-stress jobs after retirement that you should consider. 

Retirees shouldn’t let their experience go to waste either. The best second careers for seniors provide retirees with additional income, the ability to contribute to a team, and fulfillment by achieving success. Some of the best post-retirement jobs provide all these perks, plus one more: the ability to be your own boss. This is especially true for those over 50 who still want careers and are even looking for part-time retirement jobs. 


Start Your Career as a Franchise Consultant

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Red Boswell, President

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Red Boswell, President

Proven Second Careers for Seniors

As a retiree looking for jobs after retirement, you have already proven yourself to be:

  • Confident in your skills
  • Intelligent in business situations
  • Open-minded to the next great opportunity

You have forged the skills that you need to succeed, and just like many top business people and entrepreneurs, you just need the right opportunity to present itself. Once it does, you have the knowledge and maturity to capitalize on a retirement job that pays well - a career as a Franchise Consultant.

Becoming a Franchise Consultant is a great career for people over 50 and should be on the list for retirement jobs for seniors. It can give you a sense of accomplishment (from earning your CFC certification to closing deals), help you to secure income, and let you be your own boss. You can work with future franchise owners, drawing from your knowledge and business experience as you broker deals.

As you start your post-retirement career as a Franchise Consultant, you’ll want to partner with a team as established and professional as you are. IFPG provides all of the support, tools, and training that you would need to be successful as a franchise consultant. When considering second career options for people over 50, think about aligning with a company that has a reputation as an industry leader.