Great Paying Jobs for Retirees? Some Options…

Recently retired professionals often have trouble adjusting to “life after work.” After having so many years of structure - from the commute, to the 9-to-5 routine, and even the crammed weekends - having free time everyday can be a huge change. Besides this change in everyday life, there’s also a change in finances. Good paying jobs for retirees are in demand to provide more financial security while adjusting to life with a fixed income.

If you aren’t ready to enjoy a leisurely pace in your retirement or just want some financial freedom and supplemental income to help fund your retirement plans, there are plenty of fun, flexible, and good-paying jobs for retirees to perform.

There’s always a problem with entry-level positions to supplement income - primarily that they require experience that entry-level job seekers don’t have. Retirees have experience to spare. Regardless of the industry, a qualified retiree will have skills that employers want (and need). From proven professionalism to finely-honed interpersonal skills, retirees offer qualities that are hard to come by. If you’re not in a rush, waiting for the right entry-level position could lead to a great source of supplemental income and provide the challenge of learning a new role.

If starting from the bottom isn’t in your plans, there’s always an opportunity to move backward - to your old workplace. Leaving your position upon retirement, your old company had to fill your role and lose all of your valuable knowledge. After retiring, there could be the opportunity to return to a new role as a part-time assistant. This could be to assist in your old responsibilities or, since your company can trust your skills so much, in a different department that can benefit from an experienced partner.

In a part-time role, you can still benefit from steady income and have extra time to ease into the role of a retiree.

Similar to lending a hand to your old employer would be the position as a mentor or life coach. While younger professionals are filled with desire and passion to succeed, they still don’t have the business experience that you possess. In the role of a mentor, retirees are able to guide and mold their students into successful business leaders, helping them avoid mistakes that have tripped others up in the past.

How to Achieve Financial Independence as a Consultant

Consultants, similar to mentors, provide guidance and leverage their experience - making consulting another good-paying job for retirees to supplement income. With excellent communication skills, experience, and the ability to provide value where others cannot, consultants can work in many industries with success.

Becoming a Franchise Consultant can provide excellent pay and benefits for retirees, with the right training. Franchise Consultants assist potential franchise owners from the early research phases of purchasing a franchise all the way to closing the deal.

They enjoy setting their own schedules, helping others, earning great commissions, and the sense of satisfaction in knowing that they are critical assets in a growing industry.

Additionally, franchise consulting would benefit those wondering how to achieve financial freedom and are looking for ways to make extra money.

With the International Franchise Professionals Group, Consultants are trained in just four to six weeks, are supported by a team of professionals, mentors, and resources like a leads CRM and industry continuing education events. They keep 100% of their commission and decide when and where they want to work since most business is completed remotely.

If the role of a Franchise Consultant sounds like a good fit and you are ready to try something new, learn more about the role and contact IFPG to set up training. As one of the best paying jobs for retirees, there’s no reason not to get started on this career path.

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