Great Second Career Ideas After Retirement

Sometimes when it is time to move on from a career, it can be hard for a newly-retired person to simply enjoy the benefits of not going to the office everyday.

For some, it’s a life choice. After being so committed to a career, it can be hard to leave that passion in the past. For others, retirement comes too soon and the financial benefits of starting a second career outweigh the idea of not working.

No matter your reasons, there are plenty of great second career ideas for retirees to explore. From traditional office options to some that provide flexibility and independence, there’s something for everyone, no matter the stage of retirement that you are in right now.

Often the best second career idea after retirement is to just go back to what you love. If you loved your career but felt that it was time to give up the rigors of full-time work, now could be the time to explore working part-time or as a business consultant for your old employer. This option allows you to slowly transition out of your position (and also helps your old employer fill in the gaps that you are leaving in the old position).

Part-time work like this provides some additional income, more time for hobbies, and eases you into retirement until you are really ready to let other professionals find that same fulfillment that you did for all those years.

If you are looking for a change away from your old industry, it could be time to volunteer. Volunteers gain experience and new views, all while helping others better themselves and meet their goals. While volunteering is unpaid, this opportunity can open your mind to other second career ideas after retirement and help you build experience in these sectors.

If you are unsure about what your finances will look like post-retirement, but still need flexibility and time away from the office, it could finally be time to become your own boss.

Retirees looking for a second career that they can control as their own boss can still look towards the route of a consultant. With years of business experience, you can provide guidance and an outsider’s perspective that successful businesses value.

One type of consultant that professionals from many industries find to be a great second career idea after retirement is that of a Franchise Consultant.

Franchise Consultants rely on their communication skills, business experience, and ability to manage client expectations while enjoying the financial benefits of working in the billion dollar franchise industry.

By helping potential franchise owners understand what the best opportunities are in the industry based on their needs, providing data and research, and helping broker the final deal, Franchise Consultants are pivotal players in the franchise industry.

These consultants also benefit from the ability to set their own schedules. If you don’t think that you are ready to step away from a full-time schedule, then there’s no need to. On the other hand, if you want to turn your attention to your family, hobbies, or other important duties, being a Franchise Consultant provides the flexibility to easily do so.

Almost all of this work is done via email or over the phone, so if you are on-the-go, which is another reason why this is a great second career idea after retirement. You can visit friends before or after having a call with a client. The flexibility allows for long weekends (or even working from the road while traveling).

Since becoming a Franchise Consultant is a new role for many, there is training to consider. Although training can be completed in as little as four weeks, the requirements to train as a part-time consultant in your old field or to volunteer could be much less.

IFPG’s Franchise Consultant training program provides newcomers to this role with everything that they might need to get started, and continuing training such as invites to industry events, mentorship programs, and other resources that help consultants get their feet planted firmly in the industry.

If you think these are great second career ideas for retirees, continue to do your research and see if you want to hop back into your old role in a smaller capacity or even jump into a new industry as a Franchise Consultant. After you have done your homework, and would like to learn more about IFPG’s training, reach out to the team of IFPG franchise professionals to get started on your new path.

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