The NextHome franchise was founded in 2014 and began franchising that same year. This real estate franchise is an attractive investment for prospective franchise owners because it offers flexible 1-year or 5-year agreements and flexible fees that you choose how to pay - who else does that!? You can even switch your fees plan throughout the year to do what is best for your business. The franchise understands that the role of the real estate agent is being discounted or eliminated altogether through the billions that are invested in corporations that are trying to change the way people buy real estate. The NextHome franchise is trying to be one of the brokerages that keeps the real estate agent at the center of real estate transactions. 

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NextHome Franchise Cost and Requirements for 2024


The real estate industry is a booming business that is worth investing in. But over time, the billions that are invested in large real estate corporations are discounting or eliminating the role of the real estate agent altogether. Do you want to get your piece of this booming industry while being part of a brokerage that keeps real estate agents at the center of every transaction? if so, then the NextHome franchise could be for you. Founded in 2014 and franchising that same year, the brand has grown to 500 locations across the U.S. This is an attractive franchise opportunity for prospective franchise owners because they offer flexible 1-year or 5-year agreements and flexible fees. Depending on the needs of your business and clients, you choose how the fees are paid and can even change your plan throughout the course of a year -you won't get that opportunity in many other places!  In terms of support and training, you can expect the franchise's Members Services team to provide you with webinars, marketing tools and technology, and ongoing support throughout the duration of the franchise agreement. Addiotnally, the brand is proud of its tool called Pentagram, which is a  360-degree design program by an independent design consultancy that allows the franchise to deliver a striking visual identity to attract agents to its network. As part of their culture, they put humans over houses. Not only are you investing in a booming industry with the NextHome franchise, but you are doing the rewarding work of helping people find their dream homes. 

Company Details

Founded: 2014
First franchise awarded: 2014
International: No
Canada: No
Headquarters: Pleasanton, California  

Support and Training Offered By NextHome

The franchise owners can expect support and training from the Member Services team through webinars, providing  marketing tools and technology, and ongoing support throughout the duration of the franchise agreement. 

2024 Franchise Requirements Needed to Own a NextHome Franchise.

What does a NextHome Franchise Cost?

NextHome franchise fees for 2024:

Initial Investment $15,250 - $214,095
Initial Franchise Fee $4,250 - $8,500
Term of Agreement 1 or 5 years

Is NextHome a Semi Absentee Franchise with a Passive Ownership Opportunity?

No. NextHome is not a semi absentee franchise. The owner of the franchise (the franchisee) is expected to be involved in all aspects of day-to-day operations.

Is NextHome a Home Based franchise?

Yes. NextHome is a home based franchise opportunity.

What Do NextHome Franchise Owners Make?

Click here to find out how much NextHome franchisees make. NextHome offers an Item 19 in their Franchise Disclosure Document which provides financial information about select franchisees in their franchise system.

Is NextHome Looking for Franchisees in Canada?

No. NextHome franchise is not looking for Canada franchisees.

Is NextHome Looking for International franchisees?

No. NextHome franchise is not looking for International franchisees.

Where can I see NextHome's FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document)?

Buying a Franchise Guide: What is a Franchise Disclosure Document?

When evaluating a franchise opportunity, reading and understanding the current version of their FDD is a necessity. Considering the benefits of franchising, such as established brand recognition and support from the franchisor, it's important to also take into account franchise fees and franchising royalty fees. Since most franchisors are privately owned companies, the current versions of their FDDs are typically not available unless requested directly from them.

Click here to connect with a Franchise Consultant who can help you obtain a copy quickly and for free. They can also guide you through the essential franchise questions to ask, ensuring you make a well-informed decision about your investment.

Additional Information

Additional Categories

Real Estate, Non Food Franchises

Number of Units Open

100+ UNITS

Cash Required

$50,000 - $100,000

Passive Franchise


Home Based Franchise


Item 19 Franchise




Franchise Opportunities in Canada


International Franchise Opportunities


NextHome Franchises for Sale

Click Here to inquire about existing NextHome franchises for sale. We may have NextHome franchise resales. A franchise resale is an already established franchise owned by a franchisee and the franchisee is looking to sell their franchise.

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