Dropdog is a California-based on-demand dog daycare. The pet care brand is on a mission "to provide the best possible care, products, and services to dogs everywhere, so they live longer happier and healthier lives." Ideal candidates are driven by customer service and have proven leadership skills. In terms of the initial investment, it ranges between $302,000-$568,000, which includes a $50,000 franchise fee. Royalty fees are 7% of sales. The franchisor will be there for you from the beginning. You will be provided with site selection, lease negotiations, build-out, team training, and marketing guidance. Franchisees benefit from small footprints and design forward facilities. 

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Dogdrop Franchise Cost and Requirements for 2024


In today's world, pets are family. Americans spend billions on their pets every year. An emerging brand to consider is Dropdog. The California-based on-demand dog daycare was established by Shaina and Greer, who had the idea of transforming dog daycare from the ground up. At Dropdog locations, dogs are provided a place to exercise, learn, and socialize under well-trained supervision, so they can become happier and healthier. Franchise owners benefit from end-to-end technology, recurring revenue, and streamlined operations. Additionally, the brand's dog daycares are 2,400 to 3,000 square feet without overnight boarding. This allows for locations to be located in more central, highly-trafficked areas. The locations are also intentionally designed to look and feel better than other daycares. Ideal candidates are dedicated to customer experience, a proven team leader, community centric, and strong operator. In terms of the initial investment, it ranges between $302,000 - $568,000, which includes a $50,000 franchise fee. Royalty fees are 7% of sales. The franchisor will be there for you from the beginning.
You will be provided with site selection, lease negotiations, build-out, team training, and marketing guidance. Since its inception, Dogdrop has expanded to locations in California and Colorado. The brand is women and LGBTQIA+ led and fits the lifestyle of pet parents that want flexibility and convenience. Dogdrop’s proprietary software powers its stores to achieve operational efficiency and provides a better member experience. The flexibility of their payment options and encouragement of short, “quick stop” stays increases the accessibility of their services and opens up the market to users who don’t necessarily need all-day dog care.


Company Details

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA 90012
Absentee: Yes 
Founded: 2019
First franchise: 2021  
Canada: No
International: No
B2B: No
Home-based/mobile: No
Exclusive territory: Yes


Support and Training Offered By Dogdrop

In terms of support and training, you can expect an initial training program that covers everything from staff onboarding and management to member care and facility maintenance. Additionally, franchise owners will be provided with site selection, lease negotiation, build-out, and marketing guidance. Support and training are ongoing. 

2024 Franchise Requirements Needed to Own a Dogdrop Franchise.

What does a Dogdrop Franchise Cost?

Dogdrop franchise fees for 2024:

Initial investment: $302,000 - $568,000
Franchise fee: $50,000
Royality fee: 7%
Initial Franchise Fee: $50,000
Cash: $350,000
Net Worth Requirement: $500,000

Is Dogdrop a Semi Absentee Franchise with a Passive Ownership Opportunity?

Yes. Dogdrop is a semi absentee franchise and allows passive ownership. A semi-absentee franchise is a business you could start and run while still maintaining a job or other obligation.

Is Dogdrop a Home Based franchise?

No. Dogdrop is not a home based franchise opportunity.

What Do Dogdrop Franchise Owners Make?

Click here to find out how much Dogdrop franchisees make. Dogdrop offers an Item 19 in their Franchise Disclosure Document which provides financial information about select franchisees in their franchise system.

Does Dogdrop Offer a Veteran Discount?

No. Dogdrop franchise does not offer a veteran discount.

Is Dogdrop Looking for Franchisees in Canada?

No. Dogdrop franchise is not looking for Canada franchisees.

Is Dogdrop Looking for International franchisees?

No. Dogdrop franchise is not looking for International franchisees.

Where can I see Dogdrop's FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document)?

Buying a Franchise Guide: What is a Franchise Disclosure Document?

When evaluating a franchise opportunity, reading and understanding the current version of their FDD is a necessity. Considering the benefits of franchising, such as established brand recognition and support from the franchisor, it's important to also take into account franchise fees and franchising royalty fees. Since most franchisors are privately owned companies, the current versions of their FDDs are typically not available unless requested directly from them.

Click here to connect with a Franchise Consultant who can help you obtain a copy quickly and for free. They can also guide you through the essential franchise questions to ask, ensuring you make a well-informed decision about your investment.

Additional Information

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Cash Required

More than $250,000

Passive Franchise


Home Based Franchise


Item 19 Franchise


Veteran Discount




Franchise Opportunities in Canada


International Franchise Opportunities


Dogdrop Franchises for Sale

Click Here to inquire about existing Dogdrop franchises for sale. We may have Dogdrop franchise resales. A franchise resale is an already established franchise owned by a franchisee and the franchisee is looking to sell their franchise.

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