PUR LIFE Medical

We take a different approach, at PUR LIFE Medical, by focusing on identifying and then restoring your proper cell and system functions to assist your body in healing itself. PUR LIFE represents a dramatic departure from the current medical paradigm based on innovative science to offer what no clinic can: Groundbreaking, effective treatments for you for a wide range of health conditions, administered by licensed healthcare professionals.

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PUR LIFE Medical

PUR LIFE Medical Franchise Cost and Requirements for 2022


PUR LIFE Medical is the ideal franchise to own for many reasons. First, healthcare is a growth industry. Representing one-fifth of the U.S. gross domestic product, the business of healthcare shows no signs of slowing down. An aging population, increasing chronic disease, and few real permanent solutions to health issues make market conditions perfect for a PUR LIFE franchise. PUR LIFE Medical is already leading the way as a disruptive innovator in the healthcare space. We offer real solutions to patients desperate for health and wellness and willing to pay for it. We stand alone as a true nation-wide clinic engaged in the business and science of regenerative health. Purchasing a franchise clinic - or a regional master franchise - puts you at the head of the pack.

Also, the PUR LIFE team is the best in the world at what we do. Our franchise specialists have decades of proven success in building franchise companies. Our corporate officers, business development team, and medical staff provide the expert support that will help you build a thriving clinic or master franchise area.

Entrepreneurism is the heart of American business. And owning a business is the only way to control your destiny and financial security. The problem is that 80% of businesses fail. But what if you could find a business model that offered a much higher rate of success? Well, you've found it! Franchising is the answer. Franchising is the most successful business model in America. The franchise industry produces $2.3 Trillion in sales annually. And instead of an 80% failure rate, franchising offers the exact opposite - an 80% success rate! Franchise companies comprise only 8% of the retail businesses in the country but account for 40% of retail sales. Here are some other facts about franchising you probably didn't know:
PUR LIFE Medical Franchises
  • Are low risk, low overhead, and low start-up
  • Provide instant and ongoing institutional structure and support
  • Allow you to control a given territory
  • Have semi-absentee ownership, which means greater freedom
  • Offer excellent return on investment
  • Provide ongoing income

Company Details

Established: 2019
First Unit Franchised: 2019
Franchised Units: 4
Company Owned Units: 1
States Registered In: Alabama - AL, Alaska - AK, Arizona - AZ, Arkansas - AR, California - CA, Colorado - CO, Connecticut - CT, Delaware - DE, Florida - FL, Georgia - GA, Hawaii - HI, Idaho - ID, Illinois - IL, Indiana - IN, Iowa - IA, Kansas - KS, Kentucky - KY, Louisiana - LA, Maine - ME, Maryland - MD, Massachusetts - MA, Michigan - MI, Minnesota - MN, Mississippi - MS, Missouri - MO, Montana - MT, Nebraska - NE, Nevada - NV, New Hampshire - NH, New Jersey - NJ, New Mexico - NM, New York - NY, North Carolina - NC, North Dakota - ND, Ohio - OH, Oklahoma - OK, Oregon - OR, Pennsylvania - PA, Rhode Island - RI, South Carolina - SC, South Dakota - SD, Tennessee - TN, Texas - TX, Utah - UT, Vermont - VT, Virginia - VA, Washington - WA, West Virginia - WV, Wisconsin - WI, Wyoming - WY
Canada Franchises:
International Franchises: Yes

Support and Training Offered By PUR LIFE Medical

Financial Assistance Provided: No
Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
Recruiting Assistance: Yes
Cooperative Advertising: Yes
Training: Yes including extensive launch support
Ongoing Support & Coaching:  Yes

Comprehensive training by experts in many industries including healthcare, marketing, entrepreneurship, and sales. Training includes how to generate clients quickly to build business and customer base with an accelerated "One-to-Many" Marketing System.

In addition to full hands-on training curriculum, Training includes successful innovative marketing co-operatives.

Latest technologies and leading-edge medical and wellness developments.

High-level ongoing support

Access to Business Advisory Board

2022 Franchise Requirements Needed to Own a PUR LIFE Medical Franchise.

What does a PUR LIFE Medical Franchise Cost?

PUR LIFE Medical franchise fees for 2022:

Cash Investment: $100,000
Total Investment: $200,000 - 280,000
Minimum Net Worth: $250,000
Franchise Fee: $47,000
Royalty: 6%

SBA Registry!

Item 19: YES

Average Number of Employees: 2
Visa Candidates: Yes
Passive Ownership: Yes
Home-Based: No
B2B: Yes
Master Franchise Opportunities: Yes
Veteran Discount: Yes

Is PUR LIFE Medical a Semi Absentee Franchise with a Passive Ownership Opportunity?

Yes. PUR LIFE Medical is a semi absentee franchise and allows passive ownership. A semi-absentee franchise is a business you could start and run while still maintaining a job or other obligation.

Is PUR LIFE Medical a Home Based franchise?

No. PUR LIFE Medical is not a home based franchise opportunity.

What Do PUR LIFE Medical Franchise Owners Make?

Click here to find out how much PUR LIFE Medical franchisees make. PUR LIFE Medical offers an Item 19 in their Franchise Disclosure Document which provides financial information about select franchisees in their franchise system.

Is PUR LIFE Medical a Master Franchise Opportunity?

Yes. PUR LIFE Medical is a master franchise opportunity. A master franchisee is responsible to recruit, train and support franchisees in their territory.

Does PUR LIFE Medical Offer a Veteran Discount?

Yes. PUR LIFE Medical franchise does offer a veteran discount.

Does PUR LIFE Medical Work with E2 Visa and EB-5 Visa Candidates?

No. PUR LIFE Medical franchise does not work with E2 Visa and EB-5 Visa candidates.

Is PUR LIFE Medical Looking for Franchisees in Canada?

No. PUR LIFE Medical franchise is not looking for Canada franchisees.

Is PUR LIFE Medical Looking for International franchisees?

Yes. PUR LIFE Medical franchise is looking for International franchisees.

Additional Information

Additional Categories

Health, Beauty & Nutrition, Non Food Franchises

Number of Units Open


Cash Required

$100,000 - $250,000

Master Franchise


Passive Franchise


Home Based Franchise


Item 19 Franchise


Veteran Discount




Franchise Opportunities in Canada


International Franchise Opportunities


E2 Visa Franchise


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