How Successful Franchise Consultants Create Brand Awareness

With a Strategic Approach, Your Franchise Consultant Services Can Stand Out From The Crowd

When Franchise Consultants promote their businesses, they want to stand out from the crowd. Successful Franchise Consultants follow strategic branding and marketing techniques, including using company logos on social media, business cards, swag (t-shirts, tote bags, ect.), and other promotional materials. 

With this practice, you can create brand awareness, convey your company’s values, reputation, and identity and also display your credentials, certifications, and advanced degrees. 

Make a Lasting Impact

By incorporating your company’s logos into your branding, you give a strong, lasting image of your franchise consulting business. The idea is to make a positive connection with prospects, creating a sense of trust in your Franchise Consultant services. You can further elevate your professional stature with a broader audience by posting content on LinkedIn or Facebook, sharing insights, and engaging in discussions while including relevant company logos. 

Highlighting Credentials

Many successful Franchise Consultants possess a wealth of expertise, including specialized certifications, advanced degrees, and affiliations with professional organizations. Incorporating these credentials alongside company logos further bolsters your image as credible and knowledgeable. These credentials include:

  • Certified Franchise Consultant (CFC):  This credential demonstrates that a Franchise Consultant has undergone training and testing and has a comprehensive understanding of franchise consulting ethics and best practices. 
  • Certified Franchise Executive (CFE): The International Franchise Association's CFE designation program is considered the gold standard in franchise education. Your credentials as a certified franchise executive show your commitment to franchising and high level of expertise.
  • Brokerage Associations: Many Franchise Consultants are affiliated with brokerage associations like the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) that facilitate connections between franchisors and potential franchisees. Proudly display your brokerage’s logo on social media, promotional materials and more!


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  • Advanced Degrees: Advanced degrees, such as an MBA with a specialization in entrepreneurship or business management, show that you're dedicated to education and learning. When placed alongside company logos, these degrees emphasize that you are well-rounded.
  • Certifications (Career Coach, etc.): Franchise Consultants who hold certifications as career coaches or business consultants can leverage these qualifications to address candidates’ needs.

Using company logos alongside credentials not only demonstrates expertise but also contributes significantly to added legitimacy. When prospective franchise owners encounter branding that prominently displays your business logos and pertinent certifications, they are more likely to engage with your Franchise Consultant services with confidence.

The Psychology of Branding

The visual impact of logos is undeniable. A well-crafted logo is instantly recognizable and evokes emotions. This psychological connection works in favor of Franchise Consultants. Moreover, this practice is not limited to physical materials like business cards. You can use logos just about everywhere!

How Successful Franchise Consultants Utilize Company Logos in Branding Materials

Franchise Consultants can use company logos on various platforms as a powerful strategy to showcase their credentials, expertise, and franchising connections while creating a visually compelling and trustworthy brand identity. This branding approach not only highlights your association with established players in franchising but also adds a layer of legitimacy and captures the attention and trust of prospective candidates.

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