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How to Be Your Own Boss as a Franchise Consultant

Have you ever stayed up on Sunday night, dreading going to work Monday morning and thought to yourself: “I want to be my own boss!” Jobs where you can be your own boss are hard to find, but the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) has the perfect opportunity for those who seek the independence of working on their own.

Why would you want to be your own boss? The answer comes down to a simple term: freedom. Independence is typically a key driving factor for Franchise Consultants, and the career rewards those who can work successfully on their own.

Careers Where You can Be Your Own Boss

A career as a Franchise Consultant is one of the best jobs where you are your own boss. You’ll have the ability to work remotely, and the flexibility to set your own schedule. While it is difficult to find jobs where you can be your own boss, training to become a Franchise Consultant through IFPG is the perfect choice for self-starters.

Franchise Consultant Training with IFPG requires an investment of $25,000. For that fee, Franchise Consultant trainees receive:

  • Access to online and in-person training programs; 
  • Access to exclusive networking events hosted by IFPG and partner companies;
  • A customized Franchise Consultant website ready as soon as you are;
  • A $2,500 credit to be used with Career Transition Leads;
  • Enrollment in the widely-popular IFPG Mentoring Program;
  • A 90-day subscription to Franchise Sales CRM.

How to Be Your Own Boss with IFPG

The benefits of IFPG training are numerous, but one of the most popular features is that all IFPG-trained Franchise Consultants retain 100% of the commissions they earn. You earn your commissions through hard work, commitment, and drive, not the whims of a boss who sees you as a commodity.

Included in IFPG training is the designation as a Certified Franchise Consultant (CFC). The CFC designation provides a level of credibility with both franchisors and franchisees, and is key in establishing relationships with potential candidates.

The customized website, a $1,119 value, will provide your business with a professional look. Digital visibility is an incredibly important part of your client outreach, and this website will prove to be a valuable tool.

In addition, IFPG trainees receive an invitation to the IFPG Annual Retreat, as well as invitations to regional meet and greets, continuing education sessions, mixers, and other programs designed to improve networking in the Franchise Consulting industry and with potential candidates.

Ongoing membership with  IFPG is $225 per month, but considering the potential for commissions as a Franchise Consultant, it's a small investment to remain connected to a large network of franchise industry professionals and experts. You can utilize IFPG’s lending partners to find financing for your candidates too.


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Be Your Own Boss - Work-from-Home

 A career as a Franchise Consultant is lucrative, rewarding, and representative of the work you put into it. If you’ve ever said, “I want to be my own boss,” why not take a look at IFPG’s educational materials to learn more about what a Franchise Consultant does and how IFPG can help you develop the skills necessary to succeed as one.

In addition, IFPG has connections with more than 600 franchise brands, giving you the ability to work with a wide variety of potential companies when seeking the perfect match for a candidate. IFPG can provide the reach, connections, and business lending opportunities you need to be a successful Franchise Consultant.

Networking, extended reach, continuing education, and other perks are yours to have after working with IFPG on your Franchise Consulting skills. For $25,000, you can learn how to build your own future with the help of IFPG. Control your own destiny as a Franchise Consultant.

All in all, the training cost includes about $5,000 worth of free incentives— an incredible value for this amazing investment in yourself. Consider training with IFPG today to start your new self-employed career as a Franchise Consultant.

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