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Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to become your own boss? Do you find yourself fantasizing over the financial independence and personal freedom that comes with being your own boss? Are you looking to take greater control over your career trajectory?

Finding work as a Franchise Consultant could be the perfect way to forge your own path and to be your own boss. The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) is here to assist you in your transition from employee to boss with our Franchise Consultant training.

Do you want to become your own boss? Take a look at these advantages tied to being your own boss after training with IFPG:

  • The ability to set your own schedule and pace based on your needs;
  • Work when you can, how you want, and where you are;
  • Forge your own path and control your own financial independence;
  • Help aspiring entrepreneurs take steps into business ownership;
  • Enjoy the suite of IFPG member benefits.

So, what exactly is a Franchise Consultant? Franchise Consultants are best defined as people who assist aspiring entrepreneurs through the process of finding and investing in a franchise business. Consultants assist with franchise selection, evaluation and the buying process along with helping potential franchise owners access funding.

Franchise Consultants are similar to real estate agents in that they work to connect franchisors looking to expand with individuals looking to invest in a franchise business. These potential buyers can then lean on a Franchise Consultant to understand the buying process and other aspects of the deal.

Franchise Consultants make their own money by earning commissions on their sales. IFPG’s Franchise Consultants keep everything they earn. Few jobs allow this kind of financial independence. Franchise Consultants operate in a billion-dollar industry doing just that.

The Franchise Consultant’s role is to act as  the intermediary between the franchisor and the potential franchisee. Catering to the needs of both sides of the transaction is the key to a successful career as a Franchise Consultant.

Communication is essential for success as a Franchise Consultant. If you dream of becoming your own boss and have strong interpersonal and business skills, life as a Franchise Consultant could be your ticket to financial freedom and personal independence. Don’t spend another minute working for an ungrateful boss when you could be managing yourself. 

The distinction between a Franchise Consultant and a franchise broker lies in who you are working with. Franchise Consultants work with hopeful entrepreneurs and help them identify  franchise opportunities that are aligned with their particular portfolio, business needs, and ambitions. When dealing with candidates, it’s important to always refer to yourself as a Franchise Consultant.

However, when working with franchisors, your position is considered a franchise broker. In this role, you connect the franchisor with a qualified candidate and earn a commission from the franchisor for a closed deal. You provide the expertise in finding a franchisee, while they continue to work on perfecting their business and model.

Are you looking to become your own boss? Contact IFPG today to learn more about the franchise industry and the benefits of becoming your own boss.

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