Franchise Consulting - Your Self-Employed Opportunity (at Home)

If you are searching for self-employed business opportunities and remain unsure what self-employed Franchise Consultants do, consider this: most Franchise Consultants conduct their work remotely, work in a lucrative, growth industry, and make their own schedules. Not a bad job description!

Becoming a Franchise Consultant is one of the best self-employed business opportunities because the position is in a billion-dollar industry, with plenty of room for growth. The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) is here to help you with your new career.

Think about the benefits of self-employment opportunities at home with a career as a Franchise Consultant. With IFPG, you can:

  • Work at your own pace, on your own schedule;
  • Manage and direct your financial futures through your own work;
  • Have independence to work remotely, with clients, or on the road.

Self-employed Franchise Consultants have one primary focus: to guide clients through the steps to owning a franchise. The position has many different aspects, but the primary goal is to provide a client with a suitable franchise opportunity that represents a good fit for their experience, business and personal goals.

Managing a candidate’s expectations is one of the primary functions of the Franchise Consultant. Objective, truthful, and actionable information is the primary deliverable a Franchise Consultant provides to candidates who are in the process of researching potential franchise opportunities. Franchise Consultants also work with lawyers and lenders to provide financial and legal assistance to candidates who are in the process of acquiring a franchise.  

On the other side of the deal, Franchise Consultants also work with franchisors in a broker capacity. Franchisors learn to trust and rely upon Franchise Consultants who remain committed to the process from start to finish. Establishing connections and proving oneself reliable gives franchisors a sense of ease during deals, and this ease can translate into commission earnings for those who choose Franchise Consulting as a self-employed business opportunity. 

By maintaining these relationships, you can foster repeat business. Self-starters, hard workers, and entrepreneurs will find themselves perfectly suited to the work required in connecting franchisors with potential franchisees.

Lucrative and worthwhile self-employment opportunities at home are typically hard to come by, but with IFPG, nearly 99 percent  of transactions conducted by Franchise Consultants are performed remotely. 

IFPG has long been the industry leader in training Franchise Consultants, but IFPG’s relationship with a Franchise Consultant doesn’t end following the training program. Instead, IFPG stands ready to support all Consultants, with continuing education, professional development, networking events, and more.

When you train with IFPG, you’re never alone. And with more than 450 franchise partners in the IFPG network, you’ll have a vast array of business models to share with candidates who are looking to invest in a franchise. 

The more you learn about IFPG and its training program, the more you’ll come to realize a new future is within your grasp. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take the first step towards financial independence.

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