The Top Self-Employment Careers? Look at Franchise Consulting

Franchise Consulting Offers Benefits of the Best Self-Employed Careers

A quick internet search of the “top self-employment careers” often results in a wide array of unappealing offers that will provide little to no income for those who decide to undertake them. When it comes to the best self-employed careers, there is one option that stands above the rest: franchise consulting.

Franchise Consultants can enjoy both flexibility and being their own boss. In fact, Franchise Consultants can:

  • Set meetings around their family’s schedules;
  • Enjoy travel by conducting work on the road;
  • Connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs;
  • Help candidates realize the dream of franchise ownership.

Self-Employed Franchise Consultant Job Description

A self-employed Franchise Consultant’s role is similar to a real estate agent’s. They connect aspiring franchise owners with opportunities. Just like a real estate agent, Franchise Consultants spend their time counseling prospective investors, networking, and connecting interested parties. 

Franchise Consultants keep their commissions, can work from home or on the road, and maintain a sense of independence seldom seen in the corporate world. Self-starters are perfect candidates for careers as Franchise Consultants.

Self-Employed Careers with IFPG

Now that you know what a Franchise Consultant does, what’s the next step towards making the best self-employed career yours? Look no further than the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG). IFPG has nearly two decades’ experience connecting potential franchisors and franchisees, with a focus on ensuring equitable and fair transactions for all sides. For a one-time fee, you can enroll in IFPG’s training program to learn more about the industry and train for your career as a Franchise Consultant.


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Connect with industry leaders, learn from IFPG members, engage in continuing education efforts, and get invited to a wide array of industry mixers, meet and greets, and the IFPG Annual Retreat.

Most of all, you can set your own pace in reaching out to clients, create your own schedule, and enjoy an ideal work-life balance as you embark on your career as a Franchise Consultant. IFPG is here to provide you with the training necessary to work in the booming, billion-dollar franchise industry.

In addition to educational materials, IFPG is connected with more than 600 franchise brands from across the country and world, giving you a wide assortment of potential business models to present to candidates. From food service brands to fitness franchises, national franchise companies are looking for local franchisees.

Franchise Consulting: One of the Best Self-Employed Careers

A Franchise Consultant can make that connection, and earn a generous commission, too. The job of a Franchise Consultant comes down to strong communication and people management skills, and providing professionalism and consistency for both buyers and sellers. Mastering these skills will help you succeed.

IFPG offers a custom, professionally-made website that will be deployed by your first day in business. Certification programs, networking events, downloadable business forms, access to near-daily webinars and classes, and other perks make membership with IFPG a solid choice for those looking to make their way in the franchise business world.

For just $25,000, IFPG will give you the tools, education, resources, and connections you need to start your career as a Franchise Consultant. Our team is standing by to provide you with actionable advice, business leads, and franchise intel to support your success as a Franchise Consultant. 

In addition to training, you’ll receive nearly $5,000 in free perks, including a $2,500 credit with Career Transition Leads, access to Franchise Sales CRM, and admission to the IFPG Annual Retreat.

So if you’re asking yourself whether you can land a job in the top self-employment careers, take a look at IFPG’s educational materials, read our client testimonials, and speak with IFPG team members to get a better sense of what the IFPG program is all about. Click here to learn more today.

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