Medi-Weightloss? is the nation's leading medically supervised weight loss company. Their comprehensive program blends one-on-one support and education with cutting edge technology and a clinically proven protocol to produce REAL RESULTS! As part of the program, physicians and medical professionals provide individualized care based on patients' goals, health, and medical history; as well as provide weekly consultations that focus on nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise. Many locations are now accepting insurance!

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Medi-Weightloss Franchise Cost and Requirements for 2022


Business Features:

Proven Program: Medi-Weightloss? utilizes a medically supervised, personalized weight loss program focused on nutrition and fitness. One-on-one doctor/patient counseling tailored, ongoing patient support and education, and state of the art diagnostic tools to help patients maximize their weight loss results, ensure patient safety, and achieve long-term wellness.

Infrastructure: Medi-Weightloss? has an award winning clinical research team, a team of compliance professions, a full-service marketing and in-house advertising agency, dedicated field consultants, and the highest support staff to franchisee ratios in the industry at 1:1 (60+ employees supporting the franchise system).

Multiple Revenue Streams: There are multiple residual revenue streams (repeat patient visits, injections, proprietary products/supplements, adolescent program and diabetic program), which provide enormous earnings potential!

Financial Performance Representations: In 2017 the top 1/3rd of all reporting franchised locations generated an average of $1.2M in gross revenue and $437K in income before franchise fees and other expenses. In 2017, the average of all reporting franchised locations generated $705K in gross revenue and $212K in net income before franchise fees and other expenses.

Proprietary Product Line: Medi-Weightloss? has its own product line called Signature Supplements; which consists of supplements meal plans and snacks.

Proprietary Software (Advantage): Medi-Weightloss? provides a full suite of world class proprietary business management software to manage the business, patient data, and inventory. Additionally, Medi-Weightloss? has a patient website and corresponding mobile application; which allows patients to track their progress and order products online.

World-Class Training and Turn-Key Opportunity: Medi-Weightloss? offers a comprehensive 5 day training program at their corporate office in Tampa, Florida; which includes owner/manager training, medical professional training. Additionally, Medi-Weightloss? provides all the necessary medical equipment and on-site training, which includes office procedural training to ensure a successful opening.

Company Details

Established: 2005
First Unit Franchised: 2008
Franchised Units: 105
Company Owned Units: 15
States Registered In: All - Except AK, HI, CA
Canada Franchises: No
International Franchises: No

CA Regulations are that only a physican can own a Medi-Weightloss location.  Please note that this is the only State that has that requirement.

Support and Training Offered By Medi-Weightloss

Financial Assistance Provided: No
Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
Recruiting Assistance: Yes
Co-Operative Advertising: Yes
Medi-Weightloss? offers initial training, on-going training, annual meetings, help lines, marketing and public relations assistance, compliance assistance, and central purchasing. An award-winning clinical research team and the most extensive support staff in franchising that supports franchisees. Franchisees gain access to our advanced, proprietary EMR/CRM Software, which allows them to do business when they are unable to be on-site. And, they are provided the opportunity to share in the residual profit from the Medi-Weightloss? Signature Supplement and Product line.

Medi-Weightloss? offers a comprehensive five-day training program at the Corporate Office in Tampa, FL. Training encompasses all of the following areas:

• The Medi-Weightloss? Program
• Medi-Weightloss? Adolescent Program
• Operation Systems (Advantage)
• Electronic Medical Records
• Sales Training and Customer Service
• Medical Guidelines and Protocol
• Compliance and Pharmacy Management
• Signature Supplements and Products
• Marketing Policies and Programs
• Operations and Finance
• Nutrition and Exercise Counseling
Additionally, your Medi-Weightloss? Regional Franchise Consultant will be on-site for your grand opening to continue training and prepare you for the opening. The areas of focus are:

• Daily Operations and Patient Flow
• Counseling and Coaching Strategies
• Creating a positive and consistent patient experience
• Sales and Objection Handling
• Inventory Management Products, Supplements, and Medication
• Creating Office Procedures and Understanding Reports
• Equipment Operations
• Compliance
Other Info: In order for a candidate to acquire a single Medi-Weightloss? location they must have at least $450,000 of liquid assets, stocks, bonds, equities, or 401k/retirement, and a net worth of at least $750,000.

In order for a candidate to acquire two Medi-Weightloss? locations they must have at least $600,000 of liquid assets and a net worth of at least $1,000,000. (Please see above for definition of liquid assets).

In order for a candidate to acquire three Medi-Weightloss? locations they must have at least $750,000 of liquid assets and a net worth of at least $1,500,000. (Please see above for definition of liquid assets).

2022 Franchise Requirements Needed to Own a Medi-Weightloss Franchise.

What does a Medi-Weightloss Franchise Cost?

Medi-Weightloss franchise fees for 2022:

Cash Investment: $220,252 - $422,752 
Total Investment: $220,252  - $422,752 per Item 7
Minimum Net Worth: $750,000
Franchise Fee: $75,000
Royalty: Monthly flat fee; tiered royalty dependent upon gross revenue & adjusted annually
Ad: Included in Fee
Average Number of Employees: 3 - 5
Item 19: Yes
Visa Candidates: No
Passive Ownership: No
Home Based: No
B2B: No
Master Franchise Opportunities: No
Veteran Discount: Yes

Other Financial Terms:  Initial Investment and Prospect Qualifications

  • The franchise fee is $75,000, the Initial Package is $55,000, the training fee is $10,000, and the Marketing fee is $12,000.  Your total initial investment due at time of signing is $152,000.
  • $77,000 of the $152,000 includes all of the medical equipment, capital equipment, product, supplies, ancillary items, marketing and training - basically everything other than your furniture, fixtures, computer and telephones that you need to open your franchise.
  • The $77,000 also includes the $10,000 which is put towards all of the traiing for the week in Tampa,  In addition, during opening week our team will come out to your location for the grand opening.  With the $12,000 we create, develop, and implement your iniital marketing plan.

In order for a candidate to acquire a single Medi-Weightloss(R) location they must have the below assets:

  • Semi-Absentee Owner: $450,000 in liquid assets.  Half the value of 401K/IRA counts towards qualification.  $750,000 in Net Worth.
  • Owner Operator: $150,000 in liquid assets (cash, stocks, bonds, equities.  401K/IRA cannot be used toward qualification.  $450,000 in New Worth.

In order for a candidate to acquire two Medi-Weightloss(R) locations they must have the below assets:

  • Semi-Absentee Owner: $600,000 of liquid assets and a Net Worth of at least $1,000,000.
  • Owner Operator: $300,000 of liquid assets and $650,000 in Net Worth.
  • In order for a candidate to acquire 3 Medi-Weightloss(R) locations they must have the below assets:
  • Semi-Absentee Owner - $750,000 of liquid assets and a Net Worth of at least $1,500,000.  
  • Owner/Operator: $450,000 of liquid assets and $900,000 in Net Worth

Is Medi-Weightloss a Semi Absentee Franchise with a Passive Ownership Opportunity?

No. Medi-Weightloss is not a semi absentee franchise. The owner of the franchise (the franchisee) is expected to be involved in all aspects of day-to-day operations.

Is Medi-Weightloss a Home Based franchise?

No. Medi-Weightloss is not a home based franchise opportunity.

What Do Medi-Weightloss Franchise Owners Make?

Click here to find out how much Medi-Weightloss franchisees make. Medi-Weightloss offers an Item 19 in their Franchise Disclosure Document which provides financial information about select franchisees in their franchise system.

Is Medi-Weightloss a Master Franchise Opportunity?

No. Medi-Weightloss is not a master franchise opportunity.

Does Medi-Weightloss Offer a Veteran Discount?

Yes. Medi-Weightloss franchise does offer a veteran discount.

Does Medi-Weightloss Work with E2 Visa and EB-5 Visa Candidates?

No. Medi-Weightloss franchise does not work with E2 Visa and EB-5 Visa candidates.

Is Medi-Weightloss Looking for Franchisees in Canada?

No. Medi-Weightloss franchise is not looking for Canada franchisees.

Is Medi-Weightloss Looking for International franchisees?

No. Medi-Weightloss franchise is not looking for International franchisees.

Additional Information

Additional Categories

Health, Beauty & Nutrition, Non Food Franchises

Number of Units Open

100+ UNITS

Cash Required

More than $250,000

Master Franchise


Passive Franchise


Home Based Franchise


Item 19 Franchise


Veteran Discount




Franchise Opportunities in Canada


International Franchise Opportunities


E2 Visa Franchise


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