Waxing the City

Waxing the City offers a premier waxing franchise with superior waxing services for both women and men, leveraging proprietary techniques and products, supported by comprehensive training and scalable business models, amidst a booming industry poised for significant growth.

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Waxing the City


Waxing the City Franchise Cost and Requirements for 2024


Waxing the City is a premier waxing franchise to make you feel nothing less than your very best in your own skin. Gone are the days of dark waxing rooms in the back of salons; Today's waxing services have gone mainstream. We provide a superior wax experience with proprietary wax, techniques, and unparalleled service for women and men. Our highly trained Cerologists®, aestheticians and cosmetologists who complete our training program, are the ultimate pros at their craft.

Waxing is a repeat business; Hair growth occurs every four to eight weeks on average. People are often surprised when they learn that the global beauty industry generated an impressive $483B in 2020 and has the potential to expand to $716B by 2025. Waxing the City also operates in an industry with unprecedented levels of built-in demand. We all have hair that grows in places we don't want it to, and it needs to be removed, which requires hands-on technical expertise. At Waxing the City, we enjoy the benefits of having limited direct competition; We can count on one hand the number of national competitors in the waxing industry.

Waxing the City lends itself very well to semi-absentee ownership, multiple units, and scaling the business in our small-footprint studios, 1,400-1,600 sq ft, with our low-staffing model, 4-6 employees. We require no raw materials, manufacturing processes or expensive equipment that breaks down. Customers come to our studios happy and they leave ecstatic because we provide a high value service at a fair price.

Waxing the City is part of the Self Esteem Brands family of brands, an extensive multi-branded shared services franchise platform that focuses on the health, wellness, and beauty industries. Self-Esteem Brands includes industry leaders like Anytime Fitness, Basecamp Fitness, The Bar Method, and others. With over 5,000 units on all 7 continents, we bring size, financial strength, and operating expertise to the partnership helping franchisees build successful businesses. Headquartered in Woodbury, Minnesota, a suburb of the Twin Cities, we bring Midwestern sensibilities coupled with a down-to-earth approach.

Waxing the City has tremendous white space opportunity. With 150 studios currently open in 38 states, and 113 licenses sold in 2023 (50% of which were with the partnership with the consultant network!), 50 additional studios will open their doors in 2024, thus bringing us closer to our footprint goal of 1,200-1,500 locations. Together, we'll paint the country orange!

Company Details

  • Established: 2003
  • First Unit Franchised: 2013
  • Current Number of Franchised Units: 150
  • Company Owned Units: 0
  • States Registered In: ALL states except the following until approved: CA
  • Canada Franchises: Not currently
  • International Franchises: No

Support and Training Offered By Waxing the City

Financial Assistance Provided: Yes
Details: Self Esteem Brands currently utilizes third-party lending partners to educate and assist franchisees when determining the best funding option for their situation.

Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Details: Our in-house real estate team utilizes best-in-class analytics tools and local broker partners to identify the best sites in partnership with the franchisee. Not only does this working team analyze where our target consumer lives, works, and shops, but also analyzes sites that possess the appropriate access, parking, signage, and more. Our team engages in detailed market discussions and key opportunities, coordinates and schedules potential site tours, and helps source off-market deals. This team helps assess, approve, and negotiate real estate deals.

Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
Details: Upon the franchisee reviewing the site packages, our in-house real estate team assists with letter of intent negotiations. The team has experience reviewing hundreds - if not thousands - of sites and are invaluable in advising franchisees on their real estate.

Recruiting Assistance: Yes
Details: Franchisees partner with their Franchise Business Coach (FBC) to build their recruiting, hiring, and staffing strategy. The FBC will guide the franchise on where and how to recruit, best practices for hiring, and build a staffing plan to meet the needs of the business. A staffing advantage at Waxing the City is that waxing services are provided by a professional, such as an esthetician, which is a career choice. Beauty schools are under pressure to help graduates find employment, so it's a natural fit for Waxing the City to have relationships with beauty schools. Thus, the talent pool will contain candidates who went to school and received certification to become beauty professionals. Ultimately, staff will join Waxing the City with built-in training and will stay longer than a typical entry-level employee.

Co-Operative Advertising: No

Initial Training
Waxing the City's new franchisee training program educates owners on everything they need to know to successfully run a franchise, everything from real estate to operations, construction, finance, from human resources to sales and marketing. We also offer training for a franchisee's new employees. Once estheticians complete the Waxing the City training, we refer to them as Cerologists?. The Initial Cerology program is mandatory for any new employees who will be treating customers. It is a fully certified course that will prepare them to do all the right things we expect Waxing the City employees to be able to do. The training will be done virtually but also rolls into our train the trainer model, which will allow the future new hires to be trained by existing staff, as the business expands. Our Learning Management System helps franchisees and their staff continuously grow - virtually, saving on travel expenses. Our training programs are free to our franchisees and their staff.

2024 Franchise Requirements Needed to Own a Waxing the City Franchise.

What does a Waxing the City Franchise Cost?

Waxing the City franchise fees for 2024:

  • Cash Investment: $100,000
  • Total Investment: $325,393-$603,879
  • Minimum Net Worth: $350,000
  • Single Unit Franchise Fee: $42,500
  • Franchise Fee for Each Additional Unit: 2 locations: $75,000, 3 locations: $97,500, 4 locations: $120,000, 5 locations: $150,000 Each additional location: $30,000 each
  • Royalty: 6% of gross revenue
  • Ad: 2% of gross revenue
  • Other Fees: $799 tech fee
  • Item 19: Yes
  • Average Number of Employees: 4-8
  • Visa Candidates: Yes
  • Passive Ownership: Yes
  • Semi-Passive Ownership: Yes
  • Details: Our lean staffing model allows a fully staffed studio to be run by a manager with 4-6 Cerologists┬«, which means owners can work on the business versus in the business. Thus, franchisees have more flexibility in their schedules, which means franchisees have the ability to open multiple studios. At Waxing the City, we are a multi-unit franchise concept - many franchisees own multiple studios - and we're looking for franchisees who want to build businesses and dominate their local markets.
  • Home-Based: No
  • B2B: NO
  • Master Franchise Opportunities: No
  • Veteran Discount: Yes ($35,000)

Is Waxing the City a Semi Absentee Franchise with a Passive Ownership Opportunity?

Yes. Waxing the City is a semi absentee franchise and allows passive ownership. A semi-absentee franchise is a business you could start and run while still maintaining a job or other obligation.

Is Waxing the City a Home Based franchise?

No. Waxing the City is not a home based franchise opportunity.

What Do Waxing the City Franchise Owners Make?

Click here to find out how much Waxing the City franchisees make. Waxing the City offers an Item 19 in their Franchise Disclosure Document which provides financial information about select franchisees in their franchise system.

Is Waxing the City a Master Franchise Opportunity?

No. Waxing the City is not a master franchise opportunity.

Does Waxing the City Offer a Veteran Discount?

Yes. Waxing the City franchise does offer a veteran discount.

Does Waxing the City Work with E2 Visa and EB-5 Visa Candidates?

Yes. Waxing the City franchise does work with E2 Visa and EB-5 Visa candidates.

Is Waxing the City Looking for Franchisees in Canada?

Yes. Waxing the City franchise is looking for Canada franchisees.

Is Waxing the City Looking for International franchisees?

No. Waxing the City franchise is not looking for International franchisees.

Where can I see Waxing the City's FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document)?

Buying a Franchise Guide: What is a Franchise Disclosure Document?

When evaluating a franchise opportunity, reading and understanding the current version of their FDD is a necessity. Considering the benefits of franchising, such as established brand recognition and support from the franchisor, it's important to also take into account franchise fees and franchising royalty fees. Since most franchisors are privately owned companies, the current versions of their FDDs are typically not available unless requested directly from them.

Click here to connect with a Franchise Consultant who can help you obtain a copy quickly and for free. They can also guide you through the essential franchise questions to ask, ensuring you make a well-informed decision about your investment.

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Hair Care & Beauty Salons, Health, Beauty & Nutrition, Recently Added Franchises, Non Food Franchises

Number of Units Open

100+ UNITS

Cash Required

$100,000 - $250,000

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Passive Franchise


Home Based Franchise


Item 19 Franchise


Veteran Discount




Franchise Opportunities in Canada


International Franchise Opportunities


E2 Visa Franchise


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