Making a Career Change Can Be Easy - With the Right Support

Make Career Exploration Easier By Becoming a Franchise Consultant

Whether you are stuck in a dead-end job, recently retired but miss the fulfillment of your old career, or are just ready for something different, finally making a career change leaves a lot of factors to consider.

Before making a career change, there are salary requirements, the needs of yourself and your family, and training to consider. After filtering out industries that don’t fit your experience and positions that don’t line up with your goals, you can uncover your best career change options.

These alternative careers will be unique to everyone, but commonly they include positions that provide financial freedom, flexible schedules, and don’t require years of extra training or advanced degrees. With hard work and determination, making a career change is possible.

Alternative Careers as a Franchise Consultant

One of the best and proven alternative careers is becoming a Franchise Consultant. The billion-dollar franchise industry is a global force that continuously grows. Successful business owners are always looking to expand their portfolio by purchasing franchises and running proven businesses that customers can trust.

Franchise Consultants provide potential franchise owners with the research, guidance, and experience needed to find the best opportunities available for their specific needs. They help steer the entire process from start to finish.

For a lot of professionals looking for an easy career change, becoming a Franchise Consultant hits the mark as they can rely on existing business experience, excellent communication skills, and research abilities to make the transition to a career change quick and smooth.



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Career Exploration with IFPG

When partnering with a network like IFPG, becoming a Franchise Consultant is a streamlined process that can be completed in 4 to 6 weeks. IFPG’s comprehensive training isn’t limited to helping consultants get their foot in the door — there are on-going mentorships, professional development events, and networking opportunities that help Franchise Consultants grow over time.

Franchise Consultants also gain access to a suite of resources to help make career exploration easier. With access to a CRM system, a reliable lead source and the creation of a custom, personalized business website, and the designation as a Certified Franchise Consultant (CFC), IFPG-trained consultants are well prepared to make a lasting career change in an exciting industry.

IFPG has exclusive agreements with more than 600 franchises and franchisors. For every deal that closes, the Consultant keeps 100% of the commission. These usually range from $24,000 to $65,000. With a comprehensive CRM system, a reliable source for leads, business resources, and industry-leading features like SMS text franchise territory checks, no one else in the industry provides as much to let Franchise Consultants succeed than IFPG.

Alternative Careers with Flexibility 

This career path also provides flexibility to your schedule. Franchise Consultants set their own meetings with candidates and conduct most business either online or over the phone. This flexibility also means that you don’t have to work in an office but can set up a home office or travel and still help meet the needs of your candidates. Consultants have the ability to work either full- or part-time. This option leaves open the opportunity to be with family or take care of other obligations.

If becoming a Franchise Consultant sounds like an interesting choice, learn more about the details and benefits of this role and then consider training with IFPG’s network of industry professionals.

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