Is Consulting the Most Lucrative Career Change You Can Make?

Those Considering the Best Second Careers Benefit from Looking at Franchise Consulting

At any point in a job search, salary will be an obvious point to consider. Finding an opportunity that pays well can be the biggest factor in deciding whether or not to accept an offer. Meeting specific salary requirements also makes it easier for workers to concede other perks if necessary. Taking a better paying job might mean putting in more hours or having a longer commute - both degrading the work-life balance that might have been enjoyed previous to the new career.

If you are already an established professional and are looking for different career paths, but are not ready to accept less pay, you will be happy to know that there are options out there that don’t require additional schooling or advanced degrees.

The list of high paying career changes that you can make might be short, but there could be some surprising second careers  out there for you. The best second careers that pay well can also provide flexible schedules, the ability to work remotely, and continuing education opportunities to keep you at the top of your game.

Looking at popular careers in growing industries, you’ll find that almost any job that focuses on understanding some kind of computer programming will provide a healthy living wage and benefits such as the ability to work from home. From software developers and data analysts to project managers, these technology-driven occupations can be amazing second careers that pay well. As tech companies rely on a remote workforce and global talent, the ability to set your own schedule and create your own work-life balance is available as well.


Second Careers as a Franchise Consultant

Another one of the highest paying career changes is getting into the field of consulting. No matter the type of industry experience that you have, there are likely consulting opportunities available. From environmental science to business and IT, consultants provide guidance and interject experience when companies need these qualities the most. This is true for any industry, even established ones with a global reach. 


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Franchise Consultants are specific to the franchise industry, and this role is one of the most lucrative career changes that you can make since this is a billion-dollar industry that continues to grow. Since this industry is so diverse, with franchises not only for fast-food, but for all kinds of businesses (fitness centers, daycares, professional services), a professional from any field could step into the role as a Franchise Consultant and with the right training, provide valuable insight to potential franchise owners.

Different Career Paths that Offer Work-Life Balance

Consultants also enjoy a comfortable work-life balance. Often you are able to set your own schedule with candidates and communicate through phone or email from anywhere you want. This leaves consultants time to focus on family, friends, and professional development.

Since the franchise industry is one of the most diversified, experienced business professionals from most walks of life can excel with the right resources and training. If you are interested in becoming a Franchise Consultant, learn more about IFPG’s training and see how this career change can be a great fit for your lifestyle.

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