What is a Good Midlife Career Change for a Self-Starter?

Looking for a Career Change? Consider Franchise Consulting.

Let’s be honest; not everyone can switch gears and make a successful midlife career change. If you have asked yourself, “What career change should I make?,” then you should consider:

  • Time and money needed to invest in additional education
  • Growth in income and in professional development
  • Importance of flexibility and setting your own schedule

People who can make a successful career change are likely those who are the most motivated. A good midlife career change for self-starters, or folks who consider themselves to be entrepreneurial, are perfect for franchise consulting.

What it Takes to Become a Franchise Consultant

Becoming a Franchise Consultant could be the career change that you should make if you are driven to grow and succeed, have excellent communication skills, and don’t want to be slowed down by years of expensive schooling to earn another degree.

By working with potential franchise owners and helping them research and compare different industries and opportunities, Franchise Consultants are pivotal in the growth of the industry. Communication is key here - from presenting the opportunities that best match a candidate’s interests to finally helping broker the deal.


Because Franchise Consultants work within multiple industry segments and with businesspeople from all sorts of backgrounds, this career change can be the best fit for many people. 

As a Franchise Consultant, you would have the opportunity to set your own schedule, work from home (or on the road), and gain financial freedom. With the ability to work full or part-time depending on your needs, becoming a Franchise Consultant is more than a good midlife career change - it can be a great career change option at any stage in life.


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With the flexibility to work from home, set your own schedule, and gain access into a billion-dollar industry, changing your career now with IFPG might be your best opportunity to grow professionally and financially.

Make a Career Change with IFPG

IFPG provides an unprecedented amount of resources to help their network of professionals succeed. This includes access to:

  • More than 600 Franchises and Business Opportunities
  • A Top Producer Program with 90 Days of Mentorship
  • SMS Text Updates on Franchise Territories
  • Franchise Sales CRM - an IFPG Exclusive

IFPG has been an incredible resource for professionals making a midlife career change for years. With a suite of resources and network of professionals, IFPG makes becoming a Franchise Consultant not just a good midlife career change, but a great evolution in your professional life overall.

Learn more about IFPG and its depth of resources, as well as the finer details of life as a Franchise Consultant. Once you have had the opportunity to educate yourself on this career path, then you’ll be ready to contact IFPG and meet their team of professionals who are ready to help you on your path of a great midlife career change.

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