Transitioning into a New Career...As a Franchise Consultant

Transitioning into a new career is understandably a big concern. People naturally have doubts about the unknown, and thinking about how to transition into a new career carries a lot of questions.

If you are making a career change, or at least thinking about one, here are a few tips to consider:

Be ready for anything that comes your way.

New careers might require specialized training, and even if they don’t, there will still be a learning curve that you will have to manage. Having a supportive team around you can make transitioning to your new career much easier, as will an open-minded attitude towards the new challenges as they come.

Take your time.

No one was ever born an expert. Whether you have been in an industry for 20 years or you are just starting out, there are always new things to learn and improve upon. The ins and outs of an industry, especially if it is new to you, might come at you quickly. Give yourself the time to process and learn from every experience and professional growth will follow.

Find the right training.

The right training really does make a difference! If you learn from experts, then you will be one step closer to becoming an expert yourself. Ongoing training and professional development go hand-in-hand. Instead of asking yourself how you can transition into a new career, you should ask yourself how you can learn the most from industry insiders.

Make sure your new career is a great fit.

From an ideal work-life balance to the independent feeling of being your own boss, you have to make sure that the career change you choose isn’t just a stepping stone to another career change in a few years. Finding the right fit for your needs, both personally and professionally, can lead to fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

Finding a career that provides the right amount of training for you, along with benefits like a great work-life balance or working from home, and the support from other experienced professionals can be a tall order. To find the best one, expand your professional network to learn what it takes in a variety of industries - you might find that the perfect role is one that you weren’t so familiar with to start.

One great example is a career as a Franchise Consultant. These business consultants primarily work with potential franchise owners, guiding them on their own journey of purchasing a business. Consultants work to provide industry research that helps candidates make the best financial and personal decision based on a number of factors.

When trained by IFPG, Franchise Consultants can be trained in as little as 4 weeks, but continue to benefit from industry events, conferences, and mentorship programs that continue their professional development. Consultants can set their own schedule, so if they feel like the transition into this career is moving fast, they can slow it down in order to learn at their own pace.

With the ability to set their own schedule, consultants can work from home or on the road, taking working vacations or just long weekends regularly. There’s a great balance between work and play, allowing for family and personal needs to be met along with the expectations of potential franchise owners.

If you’re not only asking yourself how to transition into a new career, but also how to become a Franchise Consultant with IFPG, that means that you are one step closer to finding a career that will be a great fit for your lifestyle. Learn more about IFPG’s training program and benefits, then speak with their team to begin your transition to your new career.

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