Career Change Jobs with No Experience? Of Course!

Wondering How to Change Your Career with No Experience? Franchise Consulting Could be the Career Switch You’ve Been Looking for. 

If you are ready for a career switch, but have no experience in other fields, how can you get your new pursuit off the ground? Will you have to go back to school and spend a few years taking courses just to gain an entry-level position? Is there a lateral move that you can make that still provides the same level of financial security with more satisfaction than your current position?

There are a lot of options if you are looking to train for a career switch in just one year. From community colleges, trade schools, and even online courses, you can learn new skills and trades quickly. As you complete your courses, you’ll gain the necessary experience and references to make the career change of your dreams.

Career Change Jobs with No Experience

Some examples of career change jobs that don’t require a lot of experience are web developers, healthcare technicians, and paralegals. The training in these fields doesn’t always require a four-year degree and once you are in the field, the salary for each can be quite competitive.

Web developers and other computer language-based careers often don’t require a specific degree at all. Many employers will test the skills of job applicants before they are hired to ensure proficiency. You can train through a structured program towards a degree or just learn in your spare time. If you have the patience and time, then this could be an amazing career change path with no traditional experience necessary.

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If hours of new training isn’t for you, there are still plenty of other options in fields that you might not know as well as some in the technology or healthcare sectors.

The role of a Franchise Consultant is one that should always be included in a list of career change jobs that don’t require experience. Some of the most successful consultants are professionals who transition from roles in other industries. The key is that they had strong business senses and an excellent work ethic.


Training for a New Career as a Franchise Consultant

You can train for a new career as a Franchise Consultant in less than one year. Through IFPG, a Franchise Consultant can complete initial training in just 4 to 6 weeks. IFPG also supports Franchise Consultants with on-going professional development, including a mentoring program, year-round continuing education sessions, and the opportunity to learn from other top consultants at networking events.

While you don’t need experience to become a Franchise Consultant, having business experience and key skills such as the ability to manage candidates and their expectations as well as the ability to set your own schedule are all important aspects to consider before beginning training.

If you are a self-starter and are comfortable being your own boss, this career path could be a great fit.

Since the franchise industry is continuing to grow, now is the perfect time to start your career change and consider the role of a Franchise Consultant. Learn more about this career path and the training that IFPG can offer you. If it’s the right fit for your lifestyle and professional needs, contact the IFPG team to get started.

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