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It is all too common to find our professional workloads building up more and more over time. With more experience, respect, and position, there is usually more responsibility to bear. Unfortunately, this increased workload often leads to burnout and the need to find a career that provides more free time to recharge.

Without a healthy work-life balance, the career that you once loved could turn into a search for jobs that offer the best lifestyle instead. For many professionals with years in their field, they have already reached that point and have already started looking for careers with the best lifestyle options.

In the list of jobs with the best lifestyle balance, Franchise consulting is near the top of the list. Businesspeople looking to flee corporate positions want a career that they can call their own without having to go back to school or leave all of the experience that they have gained in the past.

For the right individuals, becoming a Franchise Consultant is a great choice. Not only is there great earning potential, but there is also the freedom to set your own schedule, work from home, and choose a full or part-time workload depending on your needs.

As a Franchise Consultant with IFPG, you could receive all of these benefits, plus a few more that make this such a desired career due to the great lifestyle perks.

As a Franchise Consultant, not only do you gain training and tools to jumpstart your business, but you also gain access to the franchise industry’s top events and conferences from across the United States.

These conferences are not just the best place to network with other professionals and learn tips and trade best practices. These events are also packed with fun activities, dinners, and mixers to make the professional development fun!

IFPG Annual Retreat

If your job included a retreat at a beach resort and dinner cruise, then it might be one of the careers with the best lifestyle, and that’s exactly what IFPG Franchise Consultants experience each year.

The IFPG Annual Retreat provides Franchise Consultants with a multi-day getaway filled with professional development, networking, and fun. From roundtable discussions on current industry trends to meet-and-greet breakfasts, the Annual Retreat is the best conference in the industry.

Top franchises are represented throughout the event, with plenty of time to participate in events, enjoy food and drink, and experience live music.

In addition to IFPG’s Annual Retreat, there are also co-hosted events that leverage the strategic partnerships that IFPG has in place. These events grant access to additional professional development and networking opportunities for Franchise Consultants.

Lunch & Learns

IFPG Lunch & Learns are another great perk that makes the Franchise Consultant’s role one of the jobs with the best lifestyle that you can find. These small, casual events allow IFPG professionals the chance to learn more about new, exciting industry trends and topics. Franchise Consultants also get the chance to meet Franchisors and learn about their business.

Mixers & Special Events

For a more casual and intimate experience, there’s also IFPG’s mixers and special events to look forward to throughout the year. Getting to know vendors and other Franchise Consultants can be just as important as meeting franchisors, and that’s exactly why these events are so great. 

Discovery Days

Franchisors work with IFPG to set up Consultant Discovery Days through the year to create a chance to meet with potential franchise owners and consultants. These events provide everyone with a wealth of education about the businesses featured and are a great way to start conversations and begin partnerships.

Jobs with the best lifestyles like a Franchise Consultant’s are all fun and games. IFPG’s Franchise Consultants also have a great work-life balance due to their access to amazing resources. From the Franchise Sales CRM to a branded and customized website, IFPG’s Franchise Consultants gain a professional jump-start in the billion-dollar franchise industry.

Wherever you think about a career with the best lifestyle, you should consider a work as a Franchise Consultant. After you have done your research into this industry, you’ll be able to reach out to IFPG and find out more to get started on this exciting career path.

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