Jobs with a Good Work-Life Balance

The average worker today has a lot on their plate to manage. From long, demanding hours at the office to the ever-increasing amount of responsibilities at home, a day’s work is no longer confined to an eight-hour timeframe.

The suggestion of breaking the non-stop cycle and achieving a balance sounds great, but where can you find jobs with a good work-life balance? How can you put the brakes on a 9-to-5 that looks more like 7-to7 (with post-dinner and weekend emails sprinkled in)?

Jobs with a good work-life balance are out there, and they provide flexibility, independence, and financial security. One example is a career as a Franchise Consultant.

Franchise Consultants operate in a way that is similar to a real estate agent. Consultants guide clients through a process of researching, selecting, and ultimately purchasing a franchise. Effective Franchise Consultants leverage business experience and excellent communication skills to help clients weigh all the factors of this decision out and finally determine which franchise would be the best fit.

The work doesn’t stop there. Franchise Consultants are constantly managing client expectations and offering objective insights. 

While this role might seem demanding, the flexibility and chance to be your own boss makes this opportunity one of the jobs with a good work-life balance that many people should consider.

Franchise Consultants have the ability to work remotely (either from home or on the road) so there’s no need to tack on a daily commute to your workday. With flexible hours, they have the chance to help out around the house and be a bigger part of the lives of their family members.

Because they function as their own boss, Franchise Consultants set their own schedules, adding to the desirable work-life balance. By providing guidance and information to their clients, the Franchise Consultant sets the tone of the relationship and leads the process. Every part of a normal daily schedule is under the Consultant’s control.

Even though a career as a Franchise Consultant sounds great for work-life balance, there are still financial concerns that most people have when considering starting a new path. Luckily, the billion dollar franchise industry always seems to be growing. CEO’s and entrepreneurs are expanding their reach and Franchise Consultants are constantly networking with them at conferences, retreats, and training events to help forge relationships and business deals.

Considering the growth of the industry, the flexibility and independence that you could gain, and most importantly, all the headaches that you could leave behind, it might be time that you consider becoming a Franchise Consultant.

In addition to these benefits, the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) can provide you with the training and resources to help you succeed in your new career as a Franchise Consultant while still achieving a healthy work-life balance. Learn more about all that IFPG has to offer you today.

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